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Pearson Tests of English (PTE) will shortly be accepted by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as the currently Assigned English Language test for Canadian immigration. 

The qualified workers who want to apply for immigration to Canada must demonstrate their language proficiency in one of the two national languages of Canada, namely English or French, besides providing the results of a test taken at a Language Testing agency authorised either by Immigration and Refugee Protection and Customs Enforcement (IRCC).

What is the Pearson Test of English (PTE)?

Students and immigration seekers can demonstrate their English language skills by taking the PTE. It is one of the English language exams most widely recognized by Pearson Language Tests. The test’s scoring is based on artificial intelligence (AI), which produces quicker results.

No specific test is required for Canadian immigration by the IRCC. The three tests are all equally effective at determining a person’s level of English proficiency. All three exams evaluate an applicant’s fundamental skills.

The developmental language test results should be older than two years for an application to be considered. PTE meets the standards of Canadian language standards, according to IRCC. Five language exams are approved by IRCC, including two more French exams, TEF Canada and TCF Canada. 

Financial candidates are more likely to contribute financially to Canada if they are fluent in either English or French. According to research from Statistics Canada, excellent English and French language fluency are crucial for Canada’s economic integration. 

Additionally, the IRCC did not clarify the deadline for PTE consideration for Canadian immigration. Even by the end of 2023, it is planned to implement the test officially.

The Program for Provincial Nominees and Express Entrance is the most well-liked immigration route in Canada for economic class applicants. Other economic class applicants must also take the language exam approved by IRCC. 

For programs like the IRCC Pilot Programs, Canadian Maritime Immigration Program, and, indeed, the Quebec Skilled Worker Courses, the English test is also a requirement. Language proficiency is not necessary for spousal sponsorships and provisional immigration through International Service Canada.

What does the Canadian Language Benchmark Mean?

Under either method, candidates should attempt the English test and obtain the required Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). For instance, the Federal Skilled Worker Program mandates that all skills have a CLUB of at least.  

The CLH score will determine which applicants for the Express Entry and Express of Interest programs obtain more points. Applicants cannot immigrate to Canada if they receive less than the required CLB score.

Application Tracker for EE and PNP Launched by IRCC

Candidates for the Provincial Nominee Program and Express Entry can now check the status of their applications online. Following submission, you can check the quality of the Canada PR application using the application tracker. You can make the necessary changes on your end to advance your application. The application tracker is a byproduct of the strategy to enhance IRCC’s digitization.

New Standards for Express Entry Draws from IRCC

IRCC will modify the eligibility requirements for Express Entry lotteries. The general public and other interested parties urged IRCC to change the criteria for Express Entry applicants. Additionally, the new eligibility is determined by employment history, educational background, and proficiency in French. 

The World Ranking System (CSR) score is only one factor that IRCC considers when choosing a candidate’s eligibility. The new criteria is a more practical approach that aids in addressing Canada’s economic needs and the labour shortfall.


IRCC accepts the Pearson Test of English for use in Canadian immigration forms. Candidates from the economic class would be eligible to use PTE in addition to IELTS and CELPIP as among the three English language tests for successful Canadian immigration applications. 

The IRCC has designated Pearson Canada Inc. as a language testing organisation. The IRCC has designated Pearson Canada Inc. as a language testing organisation.

The PTE essential IRCC Canada will be among three designated language tests that social and economic candidates will indeed be able to complete to demonstrate their English language proficiency to Immigrants and refugees, along with CELPIP and IELTS Basic Training (IRCC). 

Pearson developed the new PTE Basic English language exam to satisfy the IRCC’s requirements for language competency among Canadian immigration applications.

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