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The question types Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image and Retell Lecture all need oral fluency. We advise you to speak English as frequently as possible in the days leading up to the test to enhance your oral fluency. If you need to know someone to speak English with, enroll in a quick course or join an English-speaking group.

We advise you to read, listen to, and write in English as much as you can after scheduling the PTE speaking mock test.

Tips to Improve Your PTE Oral Fluency Score in PTE Speaking

  • Get a Discussion Partner for the PTE Oral Fluency Test

This is an instrumental technique for gradually increasing your fluency. The essential thing in this situation is choosing a partner committed to talking with you. At least not until the talk is ended! This individual should refrain from reprimanding you every time you make a mistake or providing you with any advice on how to communicate. 

Find a conversation partner fluent in English with something to say on the subjects you wish to discuss. Discuss anything that interests you, whether it be the newest movies, your relationships, or the news. 

  • Build Your Vocabulary as a PTE Oral Fluency Tip

People’s constant hunt for the correct terminology is one of the main reasons they find it difficult to communicate without pauses and fillers. Although vocabulary is developed over time, there are many methods to expand your repertory daily. For more helpful advice on achieving this, visit our fantastic PTE vocabulary page. And be sure to adhere to these two crucial guidelines at all times:

Rule 1: If you see that you frequently use the same term, instantly visit and look for several alternatives. You need to expand your vocabulary!

Rule 2: If you’re having a discussion and come across a word you don’t know, ask your conversation partner to explain it to you. Continue speaking! You’ll get the word you need from the person, and you can carry on PTE speaking mock test uninterrupted.

  • Use English Daily to Improve Your Oral Fluency on the PTE

It doesn’t matter if it’s to your cat, in the mirror, in the shower, or your automobile. As much as you can, speak English. English is a language that some non-native speakers use at work, with their friends, and with their families. Even these folks can benefit by practicing a speech in front of the mirror or talking to themselves in the shower while they get ready for work. 

Practice boosts self-assurance. One significant benefit of practicing alone is that you won’t feel bad if you make a mistake. Daily practice impacts your oral fluency and, thus, your confidence.

  • Pay close attention!

Stop focusing so much on what others are saying while speaking English and start observing how they are expressing it instead. You might need to be made aware of the rhythm, tones, and patterns in English right now since you are so focused on using the correct language! Imitating native speakers’ speech is crucial to learning to speak English fluently. 

You won’t know why others speak a certain way, so initially, it will simply be about emulating them. But after some time, you’ll start to see trends and be able to tell when to adopt a particular tone or accent.

  • Everything depends on confidence

In general, you may increase your oral fluency by immersing yourself in English as much as possible and letting go of your self-consciousness about making mistakes. It isn’t easy to let go of your concerns, but precision and fluidity become attainable as soon as you do. 


The two opposite poles of standard and business English are the same. So, to do well on the PTE speaking mock test, you must practice your pronunciation and oral fluency. You’ll benefit from watching English-language movies, taking PTE practice examinations, and listening to English lectures.

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