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Sliding folding door system supplier share my favourite strategies with you in this post, which I’ve used to great effect for many years.

Without a question, one of a house’s weakest spots is its sliding doors. The majority of the time, the ordinary lock on them offers no security; even inexperienced robbers may simply get past them.

Fortunately, you can safeguard your sliding door and deter house intrusions using a number of sliding folding door system supplier. I’ll outline the best ones in the section below so you may step up your home security.

Basic Methods Burglars Might Enter a Home through a Sliding Glass Door:

  • Making use of the lock’s weaknesses.
  • Shattered the glass.

It’s an excellent idea to begin by resolving the lock issue because it’s most likely how thieves enter sliding doors. The most popular styles of accented with sliding door locks are covered in this article. 

sliding folding door system supplier

  • Implement a security bar

A security bar is a simple and efficient way to strengthen a sliding glass door. Simple and readily adjusted, it resembles a dowel and prevents the door from sliding open regardless of whether the lock is damaged.

There are protection bars available that don’t need to be installed. A nice illustration is this security bar from Combination Lock. It functions without requiring any wall or jamb holes to be drilled.

The security bar just has to be inserted into the sliding door’s track; remember to remove the outer sheath before adjusting the length.

The security bar just has to have one end fixed to the door jamb and the other end secured to the rear of the sliding panel with a steel saddle bracket. Five screws in total are required to install the gadget.

  • Put up a security barrier

Installing security bars is a dependable method of keeping your sliding door firmly closed, particularly if you use the bolted ones.

They are inconspicuous, relatively tiny gadgets that take only a few minutes to install. Keep in mind that security barriers only function with sliding doors that open from the inside of the glass cover.

The inexpensive State of fatigue Patio Sliding Door Barricade is a patented invention. There are several pretty compelling reviews of this product on Amazon, so I know I’m not the only person who thinks it’s quite helpful.

  • Use an armour latch to secure your sliding door.

It’s one of my favourite techniques for burglar-proofing sliding patio doors since it’s easy to deploy and provides a discreet yet effective solution. Installing an armour latch is not that difficult.

 It is made up of a fixed component and another that fastens to the door using screws.

The gadget may be installed at a height that is convenient for you. You only need to move your door in one direction to lock it. There is no requirement to use a key.

The sliding folding door system supplier stops intruders from pulling the door out of its track in addition to securely securing the door. Consequently, you may accomplish two goals at once.

  • Incorporate a security window film

Sliding glass doors, as we’ve already covered, have a number of weak areas. Because it creates a lot of noise, robbers often avoid smashing glass to enter a home, although occasionally they may.

Unfortunately, locks, security bars, or barricades cannot be used to strengthen the sliding door’s glass panel. A more expensive alternative would be to upgrade to safety glass, such laminated glass, which would be incredibly difficult to break through.

A more cost-effective choice would be to cover the glass with a security window film. It functions by holding the shattered pieces of glass together and prevents the glass from breaking.

  • Increased Privacy

Because it floods the living area with light, I particularly like installing a sliding glass door. The downside is that anyone entering the house has an excellent look out, which raises serious security issues.

Sliding glass doors make it simple for burglars to view everything inside, including valuables like TVs, iPhones, and antiques. Unfortunately, it’s frequently quite alluring.

You may simply stop robbers from peeking into your house by increasing privacy. You can utilise a variety of window treatments, including verticals, vertical blinds, and draperies. If you’re on a tight budget, you may install a privacy window film, like this non-adhesive one, on your sliding glass door.

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Conclusion :

The team of Sliding door security is a crucial component of home security. A normal sliding glass door is often relatively simple to break through, and robbers have a few options if they want to enter your home: removing the lock, pulling the door off its track, or shattering the glass. The good news is that by installing the appropriate security equipment, you can foresee any eventuality without going over budget.

The sliding folding door system supplier covered a variety of strengthening techniques for sliding doors, all of which are highly effective deterrents for crooks. They are on this list for that reason. The majority of the time, using two or three of them together will yield the greatest results.


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