How to Modernise Your Business’s Exterior


Companies are often so focused on transforming an interior that it can lead to them neglecting an exterior. However, a worn, shabby, or architecturally flawed building can create a negative first impression of your business.

If you want to wow every visitor, you must take the time to improve your company’s kerb appeal. Wow every client, customer, or job candidate by reading the below advice on how to modernise your business’s exterior.

Change Your Windows

Your building’s windows can affect both your exterior and interior design. Make your premises appear more impressive by replacing your panes with large, expansive windows. It will ensure a property appears modern and sleek, and it will allow more natural light to flow through your workplace. However, it is vital to pick a window design that complements your building’s architectural design. Otherwise, the property could stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Install Aluminium Composite Panels

Don’t settle for a boring exterior. Give your building a makeover by installing aluminium composite panel materials from Multipanel. The architectural applications are available in various colours and offer unlimited design options to match your needs. The company can even colour match the panels to reflect your corporate hues. It will improve a property’s aesthetic appeal and durability, and some options are even available with a PE or fire resistance core for added safety.

Improve Your Landscaping

The building’s surroundings can determine whether you make a positive or negative first impression. If the land is overgrown with weeds, appears bear, or is filled with rubbish, it could make a client or customer want to turn back around. You will need more than a few potted plants to improve your kerb appeal. Impress every visitor by planting colourful flowers, native plants, and attractive hedges.

Focus on Symmetry

Symmetry is essential for an attractive exterior design. It can provide a sense of balance and order, which many customers will look for when choosing a brand. You can achieve symmetry by installing symmetrical windows, wall lights, and large potted plants. If in doubt, reach out to an experienced architect or designer for advice on how to create a proportional, attractive façade.

Add Impressive Elements

A few well-placed elements could uplift your business’s exterior design. For instance, you could install pathway lights to take your façade to the next level, or you could add exterior wall lights that match your traditional or modern exterior design.
The stylish elements will prove your company has great attention to detail. Plus, the lighting options are ideal for guiding staff or visitors who will enter or leave the building in the dark.


Your building façade will say a lot about your company. If it appears tired, old, or outdated, it could lead to a negative first impression of your business. An attractive, modern building will prove to every visitor and passer-by that you run a forward-thinking organisation. So, update your architectural materials, transform your landscaping and even install brand-new windows.


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