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Powerful Gojek like App has streamlined the On-Demand Service Industry by connecting and creating a strong network of the Service Providers, the Users and the App Owner on one single digital platform that Users have to login once to and go gaga over what this App has to offer.

Customize your very own Gojek Clone App with CubeTaxi!

CubeTaxi will rebrand their Base App with your Company’s Name and Logo. And will also integrate your preferred Language, Currency, and Payment Gateway into your App. But it doesn’t just stop here! Your App’s and Website’s colour-theme will be changed to match with the colour of your Company’s Logo. You can go live in just under 7 days!

You first decide what all Services you want to offer your Users through this App!

This is critical because when you are starting afresh and are a naïve Entrepreneur, Industry Experts suggest to keep it low-key at the beginning. Start with only a handful of Services and establish a monopoly in the market in those specific genres of Services offered and then grow your business strategically and with calculated risks.

The Original Gojek Clone App is made up of 24 karat pure Gold because that’s how refined and spectacular its Services and Features are!

This App offers 70+ On-Demand Services online through one single platform that is used and utilised by both the Service Providers and the Users. Taxi Booking, Transport and Logistics, Food and Grocery Delivery, Money Transfer, Online Shopping, Masseuse and Beauticians on demand, Car Wash, Mechanics, and Electricians are among the diverse genre of Services offered through this App.

Your User can even book an appointment with a Doctor, Lawyer, Interior Designer, Fitness Coach, Language Tutor and Yoga Instructor as well all with one single tap on your User’ smartphone!

Hire and Train Delivery Drivers and establish a strong entrepreneurial relationship with the Service Providers!

Conduct thorough criminal background checks and make them give Anti-Narcotics Test before hiring them. Hire locals because not only they are well-versed with the streets but also the veins of the city traffic and how to dodge it! You have to do the groundwork and meet every Service Provider and pitch your deal to them! Make them at least curious about Apps like Gojek.

What kind of deal an App Owner and the Service Providers get into?

The App Owner provides each of these Service Providers a digital platform wherein millions of Users login every day and avail more than 70+ Services online through one single login. So the App Owner is not only giving the Service Providers a platform to render their Services but also giving them a direct access to the Potential Customers.

And in return, the App Owner can either take Commissions per order from every single Service Provider or choose to sell Subscription Plans wherein they have to make a one-time payment and they’d be no longer obligated to pay a portion of the revenue generated to the Entrepreneur.

Once you have decided on the Services, what all features your App would offer?

  1. Live-tracking details of the Service Providers

It is a boon for the customers because they no longer have to anticipate the time of delivery and get anxious. It has made the Delivery process more transparent wherein Customers can track the Service Providers in Real Time.

  1. VOIP based Call Masking

This feature doesn’t allow real numbers of both the Users and the Service Providers to be revealed to each other. This feature is to protect the Privacy Rights of the Individuals. Whenever the User has to speak to the Service Provider, they can place an In-App Call to connect with the Service Providers via Internet calling. Otherwise, you anyway have In-App built Chat options.

  1. Face Mask Verification

The Taxi Driver has to upload a Selfie with the Face Mask On and wait for Admin’s Approval before starting the ride. This feature was introduced after the lethal and highly-contagious novel-coronavirus had ravaged the Earth and millions had succumbed their lives to it. It is then that the World Health Organisation had declared that Face Masks and regular sanitization of hands are the only shield mankind has against this Virus despite the presence of various vaccines.


Gojek Clone App is a profit-making enterprise. The App Owner starts earning from Day 1 of the launch. And the true credit goes to its money-making business models that are a lucrative deal for the Entrepreneurs! Do you also want to make money while you are in deep sleep? Do you want to be a Successful Entrepreneur who makes millions of Dollars? Then Contact CubeTaxi now and go live with your phenomenal app in just under 7 days!

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