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PTE or even the Pearson Test for English proficiency is a favorite evaluation exam that assesses a non-English talking candidate’s proficiency in the language. The PTE Academic examination structure includes 4 prime modules which examine the aspirant’s ability in English:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading, and
  • Listening

The entire period of this PTE Test is 3 hours using an optional split of 10 minutes between the listening and reading segments. Aside from that, every query is allocated a particular time limit to reply, failing that the display will automatically freeze along with the player must proceed to another question afterward.

Each one of these modules is allocated a particular sort of query that assesses the student’s capacity to comprehend, read, compose, understand and summarize answers to pertinent questions. The sub-section question Kinds of every module of this PTE Academic exam construction include:


    • Read Aloud
    • Repeat Sentence
    • Describe image
    • Re-Tell Lecture
    • Answer Short Questions


    • Summarizing Written Test
    • Write an Essay


    • Multiple-Choice, Single Answer
    • Multiple-Choice, Multiple Answers
    • Re-Order Paragraph
    • Reading- Fill in The Blanks
    • Reading and Writing – Fill in the Blanks


    • Summarize Spoken Text
    • Multiple-Choice, Multiple Answers
    • Fill In the Blanks
    • Highlight Correct Summary
    • Multiple-Choice, Single Answer
    • Select Missing Words
    • Highlight Incorrect Words
    • Write From Dictation

How to get Maximum Marks in the Exam with the help of the PTE Academic Exam Structure?

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of this PTE academic examination structure will allow an aspirant to strategize their moves to pay the most crucial questions and score the maximum marks effortlessly. Some of the basic and important PTE Tips & Tricks include:

A Number of the Fundamental Strategizing Principles Comprise:

Discover and Evaluate the Large Marked Questions together with the Reduces Ones:

Not all queries in the PTE academic examination structure is constructed with the exact same indicating potential. Some queries can help you score a whopping 50 marks though others queries such as article writing, MCQ, Select Missing word can fetch just 1 mark or a maximum of 10 marks.

It’s clear to invest more time around the large marked questions and not as much time on the score creating queries.

The Highest-scoring Questions Comprise in the PTE Academic Exam Structure

  • Repeat Sentence:

Includes the highest marks – 50 together with the typical number of queries is 10. Evaluates your listening, comprehension and talking abilities. The aspirant must repeat a sentence after hearing it just once. Be certain that you try this question absolutely.

  • Read Aloud:

There are nearly 5 queries to Read Aloud with a top score of 44 to obtain. Participants need to see a specified paragraph in a very clear and impartial accent. The question assesses your reading and speaking abilities. Be certain you read in a neutral accent as well as possible.

  • Write From Dictation:

Comes with 47 marks using a mean of 3 queries. Evaluates your listening and writing abilities, the issue is that the last scheduled at the Listening section at which the candidate accomplishes a sound and writes down as far as they recall. It needs a whole lot of training to ace this query.

  • Fill In The Blanks:

You can acquire a whole 45 marks if your reading, writing and vocabulary ability is adequate.

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Scoring high scores in PTE academic is not complicated. Persistence, practice and efficient strategies can help to score high in PTE Academic Exam structure right at your fingertips. 

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