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In the current times, the most admired solution in treating misshaped or thinning eyebrows is termed as micro-blading, also known as micro-stroking. So, you must Learn to Microblade or take the help of an expert to get beautiful eyebrows.

It is a cosmetic process that can perk up the appearance of your eyebrows, involving ample of tiny strokes to embed pigments into your skin. It creates the texture and perfect shape which would suit in your face that looks like your natural eyebrows.

The results of micro-blading can last as long as eighteen months, making it very appealing even to celebrities. It is claimed to be a safe procedure other than it involves cutting into your skin for implanting the semi-permanent tattoos, some after care like learning to microblade and up keeping it are necessary to make it a success.

The skin in your micro-bladed area of the eyebrows will become perceptive after the procedure so proper skincare is required to keep away from any probable complications. So, here is how to take care of your eyebrows after micro-blading.

learn to microblade

Suitable Ways to Take Care of your Microbladed Eyebrows

Right after the procedure is completed, the pigment applied to your eyebrows will look darker than usual and the micro-bladed area will eventually turn red due to the cuts made. This is quite customary so please don’t worry. You can learn to microblade the eyebrows very easily.

Two hours after, you can eradicate any excess dye by running a wet untainted cotton ball. It can also keep your eyebrows sterile. The complete micro-blading curative process can take several weeks and the tangible rate depends on how well you perform the aftercare during this period.

Microblading aftercare During the First Week

The most critical skincare routine during the first week is for the success of your micro-blading healing process. At this revival period, make sure to apply the cream recommended by your artist to your delicate eyebrows daily. This is to avoid any infections and always keep your eyebrows free from water, soap, makeup and lotion.

Microblading aftercare During the Second Week

Now that you have passed through the aftercare needed for the first week, you are seven days to go for a complete process of healing. During this second week, avoid doing any activities that can either get you wet or cause you to sweat. These can include bathing in hot tubs, doing saunas, exposure to sun or tanning beds. Do not apply any liquid on that area.

Some Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

So, by this time you must be thinking that it really takes a momentous amount of dedication to take proper care of your eyebrows after you learn to microblading eyebrows. It may sound that way but once you set your mind on it, the adjustment you need to do is not that firm and the results are all significance your endeavour.  

Finally, even if your brows have completely healed, continue on taking shielding measures to keep the look of your brows stay at its best longer.

You can use a SPF 30 sun block product on your eyebrows to prevent speedy fading and don’t use a foundation over them to prevent eyebrow lightening. Sticking to these aftercare tips and skincare tips will surely give you the best eyebrows forever.

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