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Valves are of different types and they can be found mostly in the piping system. Valve casting manufacturers use these systems for transferring liquids, gases, vapors and many other such flowing materials. The usage of valves is to control the pressure and flow of the flowing material. Let us know about functions of valves and also their types.

Functions of Valves

Valves are a very useful component in a piping system. Valves perform many functions and some of them are as follows.

• Valves can be used for stopping and starting the flow of the material.
• Flow can be reduced or increased with the help of valves.
• Direction of flow can also be changed through valves.
• Control pressure by using different types of valves.

Types of valves

Valve casting manufacturers create different types of valves let us discuss some of them.

  • Ball Valves
    The usage of ball valves can be found in many places. The sizes of these valves are different and they are made up of different materials. They can be used to change the direction of the flow and can be used the shut the pipe tightly. The disadvantage of this valve is that it cannot work on high temperatures.
  • Check Valves
    This is a valve which can be used to make the flow of the liquid in one direction only. The valve prevents the backflow of the material and is used in such places where the flow is required only in one direction. One advantage of this valve is that the valve starts working automatically.Piston disc can also be found in some of these check valves. The task of this piston disc is that it increases the speed of flow of the liquid. Check valves are of various types which are as follows.
    1. Swing Check Valves
      These valves consist of a flap which is used to control the backflow of the flowing material. This valve can be used for making the direction of flow only in one direction.
    2. Piston Check Valves
      These valves consist of a spring loaded plunger which is used to control the flow of the material in backward direction. This valve is also used for making the flow in one direction only.
    3. Ball Check Valves
      This is a valve in which a ball is present. The task of this ball is to move into a hole in order to make the flow fast in the forward direction.
    4. Tilting Disc Check Valves
      This valve is installed in such a way that noise of the flow is reduced and also there is no or very little vibration during flow.
  • Butterfly Valves
    This disc of this valve acts as a wing of a butterfly and that is the reason it got this name. The angle of the flow and the disc is right angle. The valve does not let the formation of bubbles. The operating torque of this valve is low and it can be easily fitted in a pipe arrangement.The speed of the flow is low because of the disc present in the valve. The advantages of this valve are that it is compact and light and the materials flow at low pressure. The size of this valve can be in the range of 40mm to 1000mm. The size can also go beyond this if required.
  • Globe Valves
    Globe valves are also of different types which are as follows.1. Globe/Stop Valves
    This is a type of valve in which the direction of the liquid can be changed. The pressure of the flow lowers down and the liquid flows with resistance. These valves should be used with care and should be placed in such a way that the flowing material does not exert a lot of pressure on the pipes. If the amount of pressure increases a lot, this can break the pipes.

    2. Stop Check Valves
    This is a valve in which no mechanical connection can be found between the stem and the disc. This valve is used in steam boiler.

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Wrapping Up

These are different types of valves that can be used in different places in a pipe. In some places, only those valves can be used through which flow is only in one direction. In other conditions, valves can be used to make a flow with pressure. The valves are of different sizes and are made up of different materials.

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