Australian citizenship in Melbourn

Australia is routinely ranked as one of the most attractive and livable countries in the world due to its strong human development index and leading quality of life. Australia is a country of personal and professional potential, with a universal healthcare system, a high-quality educational system, world-renowned landscape, and a nice temperature. It should come as no surprise that Australia attracts numerous migrants and skilled professionals alike in search of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan and open-minded countries.

Benefits of an Australian Citizen

The key benefits of an Australian Citizenship in Melbourne are listed as below, let’s have a look.

  • Travel without a visa

An Australian passport is among the most powerful in the world. Visas are not required for travel to around 160 countries. In certain countries, you will be granted a visa on arrival, eliminating the need to apply for a visa and wait a lengthy period for approval.

  • There will be no more RRVs

Permanent residents in Australia often have a 5-year travel period tied to their visa. As a result, permanent residents who wish to travel must renew their visa every five years. To travel, you would apply for a Resident Return Visa -Subclass 155 (RRV).

However, as an Australian Citizenship in Melbourne, you have the right to travel and stay abroad for as long as you like. You would not have to apply for an RRV every five years.

  • Consular Assistance

In the case of a natural catastrophe or other crisis in your area, the Australian government will give consular assistance to its people. The emergency consular aid is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The government provides consular assistance through embassies, high commissioners, and consulates worldwide.

  • Jobs in the federal government

While you would have the same employment privileges as an Australian citizen as a permanent resident, you would not be eligible to apply for federal government positions. Many federal government departments, like the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Federal Police, would only hire Australian residents.

  • Vote for your preferred political party

Citizens of Australia have the right to vote. As a citizen, you can not only vote for your preferred political party, but you can also enter politics and run for office.

In truth, every Australian above the age of 18 is required to vote in Australia. Failure to vote may result in penalty.

  • There are no chances of deportation

Any Australian resident who is considered a danger to national security or has been imprisoned for more than 12 months faces deportation. This comprises permanent inhabitants of Australia. The government, however, would be unable to deport Australian citizens.

  • HECS – HELP Loan

As a permanent resident, you may be qualified to pay domestic education expenses. You would not, however, be able to postpone the payment until you reached a specified salary level. The HECS-HELP loan is a system that allows Australian residents to postpone the payment of their university expenses. This initiative is offered to students who have a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP).

  • Your children may be granted Australian citizenship

If at least one of the biological parents was an Australian citizen at the time of the child’s birth, the kid can be recognized as an Australian citizen by descent. Before the kid reaches the age of 18, a parent can apply for registration of Australian citizenship by descent on his or her behalf.

  • Working and living in New Zealand

If you are an Australian citizen, you will normally be able to live, work, or study in New Zealand without needing to apply for a visa.


There are several advantages to becoming a permanent resident in Australia. Australia is a young country with a rapidly rising population, economy, and prospects.

Australian society is diverse, youthful, and accepting. It’s a gathering place for individuals from all over the world to share and contribute to a magnificent way of life.

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