Australia is an amazing country to visit, with everything from modern, sophisticated capital cities to rural country communities. However, Australia is said to be one of the most popular locations when it comes to education. Once the prerequisites are completed, the process of applying for a study visa in Australia for Indian students is simple.

Students who aim to pursue their studies in Australia can apply for various student visas. Likewise, international students can study in Australia in a variety of ways. Every visa category is different and is based on the level of study a candidate is willing to pursue, such as Student Visa 500 Australia is up to 5 years and so on. The complete process is broken down into stages below for easier comprehension.

What Do You Mean by Student Visas & Student Visa Extension?

In Australia, student visas indicate limited employment rights (at least part-time, or 40 hours every two weeks), as well as the opportunity to bring a partner or family. Depending on the type of visa and study program, the number of working hours may vary. However, if you start working as soon as you finish your studies and get expertise in the field, it will benefit your future career and, most likely, the migration process.

Types of Educational Visas in Australia

 Student visas subclass 500

The Student Visa Extension Melbourne, Australia allow candidates to study for up to 5 years at a school, college, or university (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate studies). It might also be intense English classes or a high school exchange program.

This is a temporary visa that permits you to stay in Australia for a specific period of time. The length of your visa is determined by the kind and size of your course of study.

 Student Guardian visa 590 

Student Guardian visa 590 is a visa that allows one parent/guardian to stay with a child who arrives in Australia on a student visa to study at school. They are allowed to stay until the child turns 18 years old. But here, the parents have no right to work and will have no chance to apply for another visa. Also, they need to leave Australia without their kid.

 Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485

Temporary Graduate visa subclass 485 is not a student visa; nonetheless, a student can apply for a graduate visa only after completing an appropriate program of study that meets the conditions.

 Training Visa (Subclass 407)

Do you want to enhance your professional skills? This training visa subclass 407 is for students who wish to develop their professional skills or join any skill enhancement program. It can be utilised by your own country or by the Australian government to offer you work-based training. 

They allow you to send you for a limited time or up to six months to experience it practically and help you with your final qualification. Also, you can come to Australia for a dedicated course and take professional training from the experts in your field.  


Australian education is highly regarded for worldwide employment, and university degrees, diplomas, or certificates open numerous opportunities for graduates. There are many options for those interested in studying in Australia, from guardian to temporary to student visa 500 Australia.

There are multiple actions to be taken. This may appear to be an exhausting task. However, if you have a nice, helpful Visa Agency on your side, the process will be much easier.

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