Even if your current financial situation is tight, using a credit card is unquestionably the simplest way to borrow money and make purchases. The need to purchase a credit card strikes at such a time. However, before you can begin using a credit card to make purchases, you must apply for one and get it authorized.

Your bank would treat you as a “special client” if you have been using your debit card to make online transactions and have a strong credit score and an excellent financial history. This suggests that if you have good money management skills, your bank will get in touch with you and provide you with the choice of a pre-approved credit card. By going through this process, you can save the headache of applying while your bank handles everything.

Have you heard about the new 5% Fi.Money’s Credit Card? It’s a co-branded credit card offered by Fi.Money is in partnership with Federal Bank, and it’s designed to reward you every time you spend! What’s truly interesting is that you can always make the most of your purchases because your incentives will alter as your monthly spending habits change. And the rewards are pretty impressive, too – you can earn up to 5X the rewards whenever you spend at any of India’s top 21 brands! 

  • Acceptance of Credit Cards:

The following are some prerequisites: 

  • The minimum age requirement is 18. 
  • Around three lakhs per year is the required minimum salary. 
  • An obstacle could be your nationality or where you live. The application process is open to citizens, residents, and non-residents. Some cards, though, can be restricted to residents of India. 
  • For simple acceptance, a good credit score is necessary. 
  • The amount of your current debt is examined to make sure it doesn’t go over the company’s cap.

How to easily apply for a credit card online?

It’s easy to apply for a credit card, but only once you’ve made up your mind about which card you want to get. Once you have compared your options and chosen the type of credit card you are willing to use, you must take the following actions:

  • Access the bank’s official website.
  • Under “Credit Cards,” select “Apply.”
  • Enter your contact information, including your complete name, address, occupation, monthly income, and PIN code.
  • Click “Check Eligibility” after choosing your desired credit card.
  • If one meets all the credit card eligibility requirements necessary for the selected card, they will be prompted to proceed with the application and give the relevant information, such as name, email address, date of birth, and PAN.
  • After that, input your residential address and PIN number.
  • You will next be prompted to provide your employment information, including your company’s name, address, PIN code, and telephone number.
  • In order to finish the application procedure, you must lastly use the OTP supplied to your phone to confirm your mobile number.

Following this procedure, the bank will call you to request a time and location for the completion of the physical documentation process. Your application will then move forward after the bank sends a field agent to your proposed location to complete the same task.

It’s important to remember that the application can be denied if one doesn’t fulfill any of the bank’s criteria for credit card eligibility or if one has applied for a credit card from the same issuer within the previous six months.


As a result, there are many possibilities available today for someone looking for an immediate credit card. Instant card numbers typically only allow access to a small portion of the credit card limit. But for most immediate cash needs, that is more than enough. 

The 5% Card provided by Fi.Money also comes with all sorts of additional perks like lounge access, low forex fees, instant issuance, customized reminders, and detailed spending insights. And if you sign up immediately, you can take an added advantage of an exclusive welcome offer that includes vouchers worth ₹5,000 from top brands. Sounds pretty great, right? With quick access to online banking, you can quickly organize funds and handle any financial emergency that may arise.

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