It’s reported that of the 101,198 vehicles that were stolen across the UK and Wales, only a mere 28% was ever recovered. This seems even scarier in comparison when we learn that figure was a reassuring 80% back in 2006.

What has changed and why is the recovery rate plummeting? Why are we not able to recover stolen vehicles as efficiently as before?

The answer is anything but simple. Some experts point out to the fact that since the recovery rate is so low, it’s getting harder to identify and tackle the exact problem and weak spot burglars are leveraging. However, almost everyone across the domain agrees that wireless technology and enhanced connectivity is a contributing factor.

Modern cars do not need a key to enter or start the engine. Though there are different variants like standard keyless entry, smart keys etc. the basics are the same. You don’t need to use a key in the conventional sense to unlock, enter, lock, or start the ignition of your car. In most cases, the car uses radio pulses to determine proximity of the chip in the smart key. This is where modern technology falls vulnerable to attacks.

Hackers can detect these radio pulses and replicate a reverse signal just like the chip in the key. This means they can unlock and gain access to the car without ever needing a key. And since modern cars also feature keyless ignition, they can easily start the engine and escape without drawing too much suspicion. According to experts, thieves commonly use 3 techniques to steal a car. Signal relaying, signal jamming, and key programming. Signal relaying is the most common method out of the three according to the crime records bureau.

How does a GPS tracker protect your car?

A tracking device for a car is highly efficient in detecting unauthorised entry. There are several features of GPS trackers that you can leverage to make sure nobody else has broken in. We will look at some of those features below.


Geofence is a virtual boundary that you can define using your GPS tracker dashboard. It can be of any shape and size. Once you place the tracker in your car and create a geofence, you will receive instant notification as soon as your car enters or leaves that boundary. This allows you to act and notify authorities about the theft as quickly as possible. The geofence can be around your home, garage, or your office parking lot. This way, whenever your car leaves those premises without your knowledge, you will know.

Another upside of using a GPS tracker for your car instead of relying on the GPS feature or an AirtTag is the functionality. GPS trackers are specifically designed to be reliable and provide features that suit tracking requirements. One of the major features of a GPS tracker is the various alerts and notifications for different purposes.

Vibration and ignition alarms

GPS trackers come with an alert function that will notify you as soon as your car is turned on. It also provides notifications when the car starts moving using the vibration alarm function. When we recall the previous statistics of stolen cars being untraceable, the importance of finding out that your car is getting stolen as quickly as possible becomes apparent. You can instantly start tracking its whereabouts and contact the law enforcement to retrieve the stolen vehicle before it goes too far.

Some GPS trackers that are specifically designed for cars draw power from the battery of the car. This means they also have a power interruption alarm which tells you if the thieves are trying to remove the tracker to become untraceable.

Another major advantage of using GPS trackers specifically is their resilience to hacking. Since it uses GPS signals from satellites to communicate and transmit location data, hackers can’t easily block or hack into those. In fact, it’s hard enough even to detect the presence of a GPS tracker unless you are specifically looking for one. This means thieves often do not even realise they are being tracked while trying to escape with the stolen vehicle. The data from GPS trackers is also useful to be presented as evidence for insurance.

We hope these points helped you realise how useful and advantageous GPS trackers are when it comes to safeguarding and protecting your car. If you’re interested, you can learn more about GPS trackers and what specific features they come with a quick google search. Try to research the durability and resistance to water and dust damage too when looking for a GPS tracker to buy for your car.

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