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The first definition of YouTube automation is simply outsourcing some steps in your video production. Doing this allows you to delegate specific responsibilities, such as (vertical) video editing, creating thumbnails, or managing channels, to independent contractors or specialist businesses.

What components of a YouTube automated channel should you outsource?

Investigation and improvement

You’ll need someone to conduct the essential research to develop video ideas and optimize the title and description of the video for YouTube’s algorithm if you want your anonymous YouTube channel to be a very successful money-making machine. A YouTube SEO specialist will employ the appropriate keywords to help as many people as possible locate your video material on YouTube.

Writing scripts

A talented script writer is the most crucial hiring for your automation channel. Skilled script writer is vital to your channel’s watch time because they know how to provide information to the viewers in a way that will keep them engaged for as long as possible.

Voice over

Have you ever noticed how certain voices may get your attention more than others? That is the influence a skilled voice actor can have on the quality of your YouTube videos. A top-notch voice actor is crucial to producing material that keeps viewers’ interest for channels that don’t utilize YouTube stars in the video content.

Image editing

You’ll need someone with access to top-notch tools and editing expertise to do your video editing if you want to create videos while automating your function as a YouTube producer.


If you can’t convince YouTube users to select your videos above the millions of other possibilities, your channel won’t expand. The success of your pipeline depends on having a member of your team that is knowledgeable about current YouTube marketing trends and can produce engaging thumbnails.

Channel control

If you want to entirely automate your YouTube channel, in addition to automating the content creation process, you can also outsource the channel’s management.

Is it a good idea to launch a YouTube automation channel? The primary benefits and drawbacks of the business model are listed below.

Passive earnings

Being able to earn money without actively participating in the activities that produce it is known as passive income. Your staff manages every part of your YouTube automation channel, so the cash you generate is passive. Like a social media marketing firm, most company concepts produce something other than passive revenue. A YouTube automation business has several benefits, including passive income, which frees you up to do the things you love rather than work.

Not limited by the channel’s creator

The content output of a Youtube Automation Channel is unrestricted, in contrast to typical YouTube influencer channels that depend on the availability of a single individual. A YouTube automation channel, for instance, may post content at a far quicker pace since it is independent of the author. Still, Mr. Beast’s track can only generate about two videos per month due to his involvement and availability requirements.

Several sources of income

You are free from a single money stream for your YouTube channel, such as ad revenue when you have YouTube automation channel ideas. There are several possible methods to monetize a YouTube automation channel, which we’ll go over in greater detail below.

It takes time to launch a successful channel.

Hub Spot estimates that it takes a YouTube channel of 1,000 followers for an average of 22 months. You’ll need at least 100,000 followers on your YouTube channel to earn a respectable living. Although the development rates of YouTube automation channels can vary greatly, it usually takes two years of continuous, high-quality content publication for the medium to become successful.

Require money to invest

Even if you can create your material and establish a YouTube channel for free, your pipeline won’t be “automated” until you can employ staff to do the job for you.

YouTube has fierce competition.

On YouTube, there is already an absurd amount of stuff. Around 500 hours of new films are posted to YouTube every minute, according to Zippia! There will always be some competition, no matter what field you select.

What High CPM YouTube Niches Exist?

You need to comprehend marketing to make a final selection for the YouTube specialty. It’s relatively easy to find the highest-paying YouTube specialty. Finding the most lucrative areas that can produce solid profits is all required!

For instance, if you choose the beauty and fashion area, you have adverts on your film that will give you a reasonable return. You may incorporate many specialist themes in your movie, which is another thing to remember. It’s not necessary to merely carry items for beauty.

What are Youtube Automation Tools?

YouTube automation is the process of employing software to carry out tasks on YouTube that you would otherwise have to accomplish by yourself (or not at all). YouTube automation may increase your views, subscribers, and income while saving you time.

Automatically sending emails with your new videos, making transcriptions, coming up with SEO-friendly names and descriptions, promoting films on social media, and other YouTube activities are just a few features available.

1. Toggle Buddy

The most well-known tool for YouTubers is TubeBuddy. You can upload, manage, and increase the number of views on your YouTube videos using the plugin and browser extension that comes with it.

2. VidIQ

YouTubers that use VidIQ produce better content and gain more subscribers and views.

VidIQ is helpful since it saves you time when you look up relevant keywords and content for your target market. The data it provides makes it well worth the monthly cost we pay for using it for the AWeber YouTube channel.

3. YouTube automation with AWeber

You can effortlessly and automatically promote your new YouTube videos via email using the email marketing platform AWeber.

AWeber may email your subscribers whenever you upload a new video to your YouTube channel. Request that your YouTube viewers sign up. Instead of constantly checking YouTube, they’ll receive notifications of your recent films in their inbox after they’ve signed up for your emails.

4. YouTube Studio 

The official YouTube Studio may seem strange to include on our list of the finest Youtube Automation Tools. Still, it’s important to note what you can automate without additional software.

You upload, manage, and obtain analytics for your YouTube videos using YouTube Studio. However, a couple of built-in automation can help you save a ton of time.


Use to convert YouTube footage into videos for other platforms, which can help you market your channel and increase views. will convert your YouTube videos into square and vertical ones suitable for TikTok, Instagram Reels, Stories, Shorts, etc. Additionally, you may cut your whole videos into chunks, add headlines and graphics, choose videos using hashtags and playlists, and do much more.

6. Zapier 

With the aid of Zapier, you can automate and link many different programs. Actions and triggers are used to make it operate.

You can build up hundreds of automation related to your business since everything you create in Zapier is automation. For instance, you might send a message to Slack once a new video is published.

7. Lead actor

A technology called Headliner was created especially for podcasters who wanted to make their material accessible on YouTube easily.

You can quickly build an intriguing video overlay to make your podcast on YouTube more fascinating to watch by just pinning your audio RSS feed into this application. Headliner provides templates and automatically generates a ready-made video based on information from your RSS feed.

YouTube Automation as Video Production Outsourcing

To begin with, outsourcing some steps of your video production is one definition of YouTube automation.

This entails delegating various jobs to independent contractors or specialist businesses, such as (vertical) video editing, thumbnail generation, or channel administration.

A lot of creators are on the verge of burnout. Their productivity and creativity suffer as a result.

This issue can be resolved by automating specific duties and delegating them to others. You may improve your material’s number and quality and accelerate your channel’s development.

Here is a summary of the four most frequent jobs that you may automate in this manner.

Image editing

The process of converting the video you took on your camera or phone into an organized and appealing clip begins with standard video editing.

One of the most time-consuming steps in making a video is video editing. An hour is typically needed to edit one minute of the final footage. And that’s assuming you’re a skilled editor acquainted with the program you’re using.

Automating video editing is a first step if you want to create more videos or add more intricate effects.

Still, trying to figure out where to begin? See our articles on the finest video editing services and freelancers and how to hire a YouTube video editor.

Editing videos vertically

You may also hire someone to edit vertical videos as a second sort of work. This entails video editing for vertical platforms and formats, including TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

This might be difficult and time-consuming, mainly if you recorded your clip in landscape rather than portrait mode.

Here is our post on the top vertical video editing services if you consider automating this video-making process.

Creation of Thumbnails

The production of thumbnails is a third frequently used automated video-producing procedure.

On YouTube, having unique thumbnails is a considerable advantage. According to data, 90% of the platform’s most popular videos feature customized thumbnails.

However, if you’re not a pro, creating a compelling thumbnail that makes people want to click could take a while. It is preferable to automate this procedure by contracting with graphic designers or thumbnail production companies.

Channel Control

Channel management is one additional procedure that is frequently included in YouTube automation. That covers everything from uploading videos to including chapters and descriptions, choosing the appropriate tags, monitoring statistics, and responding to comments.

This aspect of becoming a YouTuber takes up more time the more content you have on your channel or channels. However, it’s crucial to monitor the success of your videos and stay in touch with your viewers through comments.

Because of this, many YouTubers automate channel administration by delegating it to independent contractors or niche businesses.

Top 5 YouTube Automation Courses 

1. Dave Nick’s Online Business Academy

A learning portal by Dave Nick called Online Business Academy provides courses on various online business formats. A thorough, step-by-step manual for producing regular traffic to your offer on your YouTube channel can be found in Dave’s Youtube Automation Course.

You should sign up for this course to attract millions of customers to your company. The 58 step-by-step lessons in this course will show you how to increase your channel’s automatic traffic and outwit YouTube’s algorithm.

2. Masterclass in Tube Money

In Dylan Miller’s Tube Money Masterclass, a Youtube Automation Course, you’ll learn how to monetize a faceless YouTube cash cow channel to make passive revenue.

Enroll in this course if you wish to create an automatic cash cow channel by leading a team that handles all the work for you. The course covers everything from selecting a niche to complete automation and scalability.

A typical YouTube channel receives $18 in ad income for every 1,000 views. 

3. Philipe Reis’ Pro University

Philipe Reis’ educational website Pro University offers four methods to make money online. His YouTubers Pro Automation course is offered separately or as part of a bundle.

You should sign up for this course if you are starting and need more YouTube channel experience. The system provides thorough instructions on setting up, controlling, and automating your YouTube channel. You’ll discover how to generate $100K ad income in four months.

4. Systems for Cash flow by Ryan Hildreth

The Cashflow Channels System course by Ryan Hildreth teaches you how to set up and run an automated YouTube channel in a lucrative industry that advertisers are interested in. His area of expertise is growing an income from advertising such that it may be sold for 4–7 times the yearly revenue in 5–10 years.

If you want to create a long-term automatic money-making YouTube channel that you can monetize in 5–10 years, you should sign up for this course.

5. Matthew Par’s Tube Mastery 3.0

The most recent version of Matt Par’s YouTube automation training and mentorship program is called Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0. The lesson demonstrates how to create and automate a nameless YouTube channel.

If you want to learn all there is to know about building a nameless, automated YouTube channel, you should sign up for this course. Ten specific modules make up the primary training curriculum. From how to select a niche to how to monetize your channel in several methods, you will learn it all.


The YTA approach automates the entire process and enables you to make money without ever having to create anything! Discovering the most lucrative YouTube niches is now famous. But even as you adopt the fashion, you must remain grounded in your sense of creativity.

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