What is a landing page? A landing page is a page specifically designed on your website to get lead, conversion or sale. An online marketing for law firms needs a landing page if a lawyer or an attorney is doing online marketing. A landing page helps to keep track of your marketing efforts. Try to find out the best law firm landing page for yourself.

In digital marketing, landing pages are created specifically for marketing or advertising purpose. This page is where an online visitor lands first with its first click. This page is created with a goal in mind to convert visitors into potential customers.

In this blog, we are going to discuss seven tips on how to create the best law firm landing page for yourself. They are as follows:  

  •     Focus on a Single Topic:

Your primary focus for a law firm landing page should be on a single topic. Your landing page should be a distinguished page, which should contain all the services which you highlight on your website. This topic can be anything of varied types. 

If you are a criminal attorney, your landing page should contain materials on crimes and criminal offences. Are you looking for more such cases? Then create another landing page based on that issue. 

Maybe you are a bankruptcy attorney who offers a flat filing fee, the same rule applies everywhere.

  •     Apply One Call to Action Policy: 

While creating a landing page, you should make your visitor’s choice as easy as possible by reducing the number of choices. Otherwise, it would become quite confusing and hard to decide on action. For this, you need to reduce the number of options like buttons, links or photos that divert the visitors’ notice away from the call to action. 

On the homepage, there is a navigation menu at the top, a phone number to call, and a contact form. Below the page, there are some more links, such as links to service pages, links to case results, and links to reviews. 

On the landing page, there should be no navigation, no outbound links, and no media, that pulls the visitors away from your call to action. 

  •     Add Online Reviews:

Client reviews matter a lot while choosing your law firm. In maximum cases, clients try to judge a law firm on the basis of online reviews of lawyers and attorneys. In fact, 88% of customers trust online reviews. 83% of people will judge by lawyer reviews, before hiring an attorney. In total, 72% of customers will take action only after reading online reviews. 

  •     Place the CTA on the Top:

CTA or a call to action is a marketing term, which a marketer wants its audience or readers to take. Your CTA should have the first priority while designing your law firm landing page. It is one of the first things which comes to notice for the visitors. It should be clearly mentioned in short what will happen if they click the CTA.

CTA should be placed at the extreme top of the landing page. From the upper half of the landing page, there should be a clear understanding of what you are asking the readers to do. 

  •     Headlines should match the CTA: 

About 80% of online customers read only the headline of the landing page. That means it is a matter of seconds into the action. Therefore, the headline plays a key role which leads to decisive action.

There is no need to be tricky with the headline, but it must ensure that the visitors find a solution to their problems. Your landing page should help them solve it. With the right headline, you can grab the right client for you.

Let’s take an example of it. Suppose you are a provider of body massage home service in your city. Your landing page should contain a headline something like “Spa Services at your place.” This headline serves two purposes with a single phrase. First, it tells the visitor that you are a provider of spa home service. Second, it catches the headline to call to action. This is how it should be. 

  •     Adding Videos to Landing Page: 

Nowadays, only 14% use online videos for their landing page. However, a recent study shows that using video can increase conversion up to 86%. But there should be some tactics to follow. 

The video should be contextual and must cater to the taste of the visitors. Videos should be short and on message. Size is an important aspect here. Always use a thumbnail, so that the visitors must click on it. Finally, make sure that a caption is added to the video for the visitors who are audibly impaired.

  •     Choose Your Ideal Client:

While building your ideal page, it is advisable to keep your ideal client in mind. Try to find out what they are looking for from you. Try to solve their problems. Provide information regarding the availability of your services. Think about whether you have worked on similar cases like theirs in the past. And finally, is your law firm better than others to handle their case.


Legal Web Design has worked with all types of law firms and legal organizations. Every firm is unique that wants an attorney website, to reflect their values. By following these useful tips mentioned in the above discussion, you can create legal web design services landing page for yourself.

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