Spandex yarn

Spandex is a manufactured polymer. Artificially, it comprises a long-chain polyglycol joined with a short diisocyanate and contains essentially 85% polyurethane. Spandex yarn is elastomeric, which implies it tends to be extended partially and withdraws when delivered. These filaments are better than elastic since they are more grounded, lighter, and flexible. Spandex strands can be extended to practically 500%.


  • They can be extended over and returned precisely to their unique size and shape.
  • Lightweight, delicate, and smooth.
  • Handily colored.

They are likewise challenging since they are impervious to scraped spots, the destructive impacts of oil, sweat, and cleansers. They are viable with different elements which can turn with various filaments to deliver unique textures, having characteristics of the two strands.

How it Works

Spandex- long-chain manufactured polymeric fiber. Delicate and rubbery fragments of polyester or polyether permit the string to extend up to 600% and recuperate to its shape. Complex parts, generally urethanes, give unbending nature and bestow rigidity and cutoff plastic stream.

Elastomeric filaments are required to make clothing things adjust to, reach out with, and genuinely support the human body. To meet the prerequisite of the material business, these are fundamental as strings of 50-100 micron distance across, extensibility of basically 400%, simple stretch for solace, fast, intense and complete recovery, and sufficiently high elasticity for machinability, excellent whiteness record and dyeabilitySpandex yarn is used as:

  • Spandex is heavily used in the clothing industry. Notwithstanding, this is likewise an essential texture for friendliness and modern associations. It is mainly used for manufacturing attires that require a proper fit like suits for bathing, training clothes, socks, careful hose, underpants, gloves, cycling shorts, wrestling suits, paddling suits. Particularly as we all have learned that spandex helps manage the body oils and sweat, keeping this use in mind is preferably the best option available.
  • The activewear and the sports industry use spandex yarn heavily to manufacture a lot of suits and dresses. There is also a lot, science behind this, as spandex helps the cyclists resist the wind, which allows them in many ways. Spandex is also used for manufacturing sports bras which helps a lot in terms of comfort. We know that how small differences matter in sport and spandex made it possible to cut a lot of those problems.
  • Spandex is utilized in sports articles of clothing and is used even for assembling sports adornments like volleyballs and footballs. Similarly, as spandex is valuable for the clothing business, it is likewise ideal for modern applications. Things produced using elastic are currently with spandex—also used by the medical industry, who have now reduced the use of latex and have started using spandex yarn for making suits, surgery gloves and a lot more.
  • It is additionally utilized in delivering family items like sheets and cushions. Spandex is also used for inside enhancement and occasion arranging.


Now we know why spandex is such important material. With its wide range of benefits, it is used in a lot of industries. The properties like elasticity, light and a smooth texture have made it ideal for people.

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