Social networking platforms have become a major part of our lives and we spend most of the time on them. When you want to watch a movie but you don’t remember its name and also want to know it’s rating. With mobile application development Dubai, you can develop movie recognition and rating app. This app is the best for people who love watching movies.  

With mobile application development Dubai, movies recognition and rating app help you identify any trailer or fragment of the movie or with the description and gives you the results.  Users will know about the movie in a single touch within a few seconds along with the title and rating. Reviews & ratings of the movie play an important role as most of the users trust it. By seeing the ratings of the movie, they make a decision on whether the movie is worth watching or not. Movie recognition and rating app work in real-time. 

  • Rating 

The first thing this app must have is genuine ratings. This enables users to use the app more with effective results. 

  • Likes & Comments 

Users can also like and comment on the movie reviews. This will increase more user engagement. 

  • Sharing Reviews 

Users can also share their movie reviews on other social media platforms with all the details and feedback. 

  • Categorisation 

Categorizing recommended movies helps the users to find the most rated popular movie. Movies can be categorized using various labels like drama, comedy, action,  fiction, etc. They can even search for their desired movie with the search for in the app.

  • Streaming 

When the users are done with recommendations and reviews, this app shows you the best option of where to watch the movie. 

  • Watch list 

With the watch list feature, you can create a list of movies to watch and can share with your friends or make it public. 

  • News 

You can get all the latest updates about the movies and industry-related. They collect news from various sources. 

Mobile recognition and rating app is user-friendly. You can know about the movies which are in theatres and which are coming soon. With this, users can be benefited. This app shows you all the trending and top-rated movies with the most reviews. 

With mobile application development Dubai you can develop app for various businesses.  DXB apps develop custom-designed mobile apps and fulfills all the requirements. DXB apps provide the best experience for users. Movies recognition and rating apps make the user experience better by searching a movie and comparing movie ratings with mobile application development Dubai.


Technology has brought a big change in our lifestyles. Everything we do is through our smartphones then why not learning. The education industry has also opted the technology. The way of learning has also changed drastically over the past few years. With mobile application development Dubai you can develop your own learning app. 

Developing an app for learning courses in local language and as per their suitability will make it easier and lovers of learning will be benefited. Students can learn and understand better with this app. However, students prefer apps.  

  • Attending lectures continuously will make you bored. With this app you can utilise leisure hours without wasting your time.  
  • When you study at home you take long gaps between study hours. Local courses apps reduce the gaps and make you study efficiently. 
  • This app is available 24/7.  
  • Learners can study in an organized way instead of confusing for what to read.  Everything is in an organized way in local courses app. 
  • Mobile apps are portable as they are in a smartphone. You need not carry all your books when you are out or traveling. You can just open the app and start learning from anywhere and at any time. 

With mobile application development Dubai, lovers of learning can enhance their interest through local courses app. Students can clear all their doubts at any time. They can directly  download the reference notes from the app without any use of pencil, pen and paper. This  also helps in saving the trees and the environment. 

Local courses app can be best experienced with Augmented reality (AR) based technology.  This can help children in the most effective learning with visualization and interaction. With specialised courses, learners can choose as per their suitability.


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