Most men as they get into their 30s may notice that their hair looks or feels thinner. Or, there may even be the start of a patch of hair loss starting in some cases. Some men embrace this as part of life, but others may want to take as many steps as they can to prevent the hair loss from worsening. If you have baldness in your family, particularly on your father’s side, then there may be a genetic component at work. However, if you aren’t sure about the cause, then you should probably seek the advice of your doctor or dermatologist. If you don’t want to go down a medical route just yet, here are some of the top ways to prevent severe hair loss.


Medication in this sense means hair-boosting tablets that are available online. In many cases, a lot of these medications help you to retain the hair you have by strengthening the hair follicles.

Top examples of these medications include Rogaine (also known as minoxidil) and finasteride. You can buy finasteride online at If you want medications that are stronger than these, or you have tried them with no real benefit, then it may be time to move on to prescription strength medications.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, and lack of it, is not only associated with rickets. It is also linked to issues with the skin and the hair. So, if you work in an office or a dark area for 8 or more hours a day, you are at a higher risk of having thin or patchy hair.

Eating foods that are high in vitamin D or taking vitamin D supplements can help with this. But if you suspect a vitamin D issue and you need something stronger, then once again, head to your doctor for a diagnostic blood test and the stronger supplements that they can provide.

Steroid Injections

There are some cases where hair loss can be due to excessive levels of inflammation, especially if you have a condition known as alopecia. In this case, corticosteroid injections can be extremely useful in reducing the inflammation markers in the body, provided that they occur on the scalp and are performed by a trained doctor. You can purchase corticosteroid creams to place on your scalp too, but these are minimally effective compared to the injections.

Iron Supplements

Much like vitamin D deficiencies, having anaemia or lack of iron in your blood has also been linked to hair loss or thinning. If you already eat a diet that is high in iron, then you may need to seek the advice of your doctor to determine the underlying cause of the anaemia. Plus, you guessed it, to get access to prescription strength iron tablets.


Yes, exercise can slow hair loss down. How? If you are sure your hair loss is due to stress, then exercise and other activities like meditation will reduce the amount of cortisol in the blood, which is associated with higher levels of stress. Cortisol has been linked to hair loss too, so aim to keep your stress lower with a 20–25-minute workout each day.


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