An app to record phone calls secretly is commonly used for parental control and employee monitoring. There are many other ways to incorporate call recording features in daily life while staying within the legal framework. For example one of the best app OgyMogy reserve right to fully cooperate with the law enforcement authorities in case of illegal use of the app. Written consent is necessary to use the app to record phone calls or any other monitoring feature from the involved parties. Once it is given the app can be freely used for all types of monitoring.

There are so many apps in the market that offer call records features.  Some are free others are paid. In the paid category some apps offer advanced features with extra payment. So if you are searching for an app to record phone calls secretly you must choose wisely. A careless selection can sabotage the whole impression of spy app technology in the eyes of a user. Thus it is necessary to keep a check on the selection criteria and needs and demands.  I will not recommend going for free apps as it is related to data safety. Choose an app that has a good reputation and reviews and offer trustworthy services.


If you are searching for the best app to record phone calls secretly then this one is for you. The android spy app offers three types of bundles. The basic bundle is for the user who wants the app for a month. Standard and extreme bundles offer call recording services for six months and a whole year respectively. All the call recording data is saved on the web portal of the app. Only users can log in to the portal with the given information. So there is no need to worry about the safety of the recorded data. The app offers its services as parental control and employee monitoring. Users can even know about the caller id, time duration of the call and much more with the TheOneSpy. The best thing about choosing this app is that not just normal calls can be recorded. The app offer feature that allows the user to record web-based calls as well. An instant messenger call recorder feature is also offered by TheOneSpy. Popular features include WhatsApp call recording features, Line call recording feature, Kik call recording feature, Skype call recording features, Telegram call recording and much more. The health mode offered by the app to record phone calls makes its selection more fun and exciting. By stealth mode, we mean that the app remains hidden from the target. It silently works in the background without disturbing the normal working of the target gadget.


OgyMogy is one of the best cell phone tracking apps. The app offers both versions i.e parental control and employee monitoring. Parents can use the app to record phone calls of the kids at any given time. It can help worried parents to assure the safety of their kids. Any suspicious presence around the kid can be easily tracked with the help of spy app usage. On the other hand, the app can be used for employee monitoring. Keep a backup of all the important calls with the help of this app. The app can be used to keep the target safe both online and offline. Besides a secret call recorder app, it has many other features as well. Some of them include social media monitoring, keywords alerts, media shared through the target device and more. The app has three types of bundles.


FlexiSpy comes at number one apps to record phone calls secretly. The app offers a call log and calls recording feature to its users in different bundles. The economical bundles and user-friendly interface make it one of the best choices for all types of users.

Keep in mind that an app to record phone calls must have a user-friendly interface. Calling is one of the common things to do with a cell phone. Thus it should be easy to manage call recording data with a spy app. The selected app should be able to offer timely and reliable service to the users.


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