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If you like fashion, one of the best market niches to undertake is clothing e-commerce. But you may be wondering how to set up an online clothing store since it is a business that has its own particularities and codes. 

In fact, although on many occasions we have given you general advice on WooCommerce Fashion eCommerce Stores, we believe it is worth writing a post in which we talk specifically about how to set up an online clothing store. 

Ideas to Learn How to Set Up an Online Clothing Store

When setting up an online clothing store, it is possible that your tastes or beliefs offer you a biased view of the market and lead you to make mistakes. 

Perhaps you have thought about selling a type of clothing that you love, and that you think will be taken away from you, but then they are hardly in demand. 

1. Select What Type of Products You Are Going to Sell in Your Online Clothing Store

The first thing you should do is think about who your potential customers are. If you want the whole family to be able to buy in your online clothing store, it is best to offer a good range of products in all departments, since that will mean that there is not a big difference between the different ranges. 

For your reference, if you want to set up a department-type clothing store, you should at least sell clothes in these departments: 

    • Women. 

    • Men. 

    • Children (clothes for boys and girls). 

    • Trends. 

2. Try Drop Shipping if You Don’t Want to Have a Lot of Stock

If you already know what you are going to sell, and you are also clear about the categories that are going to configure your online clothing store, it is time to look for quality products to sell in your online store. 

3. Share High-quality Images and Work Intensively on Product Sheets

Remember that the products you sell in your online clothing store cannot be touched or tried on. If it is already difficult to decide on a garment in a physical store, imagine in electronic commerce. 

For that reason, for each product, you must have spectacular photo galleries, of the best quality and complete. Make sure that there are always at least 5 photographs of the product, taken from different angles, such as front, sides, back, in use and with its accessories.

4. Be Creative to Send the Garments From Your Online Store 

Both clothing, accessories and footwear are also considered fragile products, so the packaging in which your product is going to be sent to the customer must be impeccable and resistant to knocks or abuse that it may suffer in transit.

5. Do Seasonal Sales

Another of the difficulties that you can find when you begin to understand how to set up an online clothing store is the stock. 

If you accumulate clothes from different seasons, there will come a time when you won’t have a place to store so many clothes. Not to mention all the capital you keep immobilized. 

That is why it is essential to liquidate the remains of other seasons, in order to continue buying the new collections that manufacturers bring out each season. 

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