Starting an e-commerce business is a journey that most business owners have before you have decided to begin. And many of them are successful online entrepreneurs and have valuable skills, knowledge and experience to guide beginners to taking a productive start. A successful e-commerce business is not an inspiration and example for newbies but also formed industry experts and thought leaders who have decided to lend beginners a helping hand and share their experience to make their journey hassle-free. Mehtabjit Teja is one of the successful and renowned e-commerce business owners. He is on a mission to make e-commerce a more accessible space to help people achieve similar success in the industry.

Introduction to Mehtabjit Teja

Mehtabjit Teja is an eCommerce expert and self-made online entrepreneur from Canada. He is the proud founder of Branzio Watches, a reliable resource for buying high-quality and premium watches online. He started this watch brand after almost 7 years of struggle and hard work in the industry. Before this, he has also started several small and medium-sized online businesses to learn skills and earn industry experience & knowledge. He is currently managing 15+ businesses online with his competent team of 75+ professionals worldwide. In addition to being an online entrepreneur, he is an e-commerce coach as well and teaches others how to get started effectively in the electronic commerce field and achieve similar success.

Mehtabjit Teja is a public speaker too and shares best practices, and the latest trends in the industry and sheds light on necessary tools and resources online business owners must invest in to achieve greater success. As he is a digital marketing expert with years of experience, he also shares his knowledge, strategies, and insight on e-commerce and digital marketing growth. He never feels hesitation about discussing his own failures and letdowns to encourage beginners so they can also reap the great advantages offered by this fast-growing and flourishing industry.

E-commerce is Becoming Progressively Uneven, Mehtabjit Said

Thanks to advanced technologies, there is a large number of tools and resources available for online merchants and they all specialize in doing things greatly. A couple of years ago, e-commerce entrepreneurs only needed basic tools like an e-commerce website and an account on a marketplace like Amazon.

These days, each function and task of selling online has gotten more difficult and broken down into multiple steps and a variety of moving parts. If all these steps don’t have a great way to synchronize data and other important customer details, online business owners can end up selling the wrong products, and wrong inventory figures, Mehtabjit Teja said.

This is the reason, beginners to the e-commerce industry and well-established online brands should be using advanced e-commerce software, tools, and resources to deliver a seamless and excellent shopping experience to modern consumers, he adds. Automation in e-commerce and very much important not only to reduce the workload on your employees but to provide customers with the better online experience.

Mehtabjit Teja Branzio Watches is also using all modern e-commerce tools and services to keep business operations running smoothly while understanding changing needs and demands of modern consumers. E-commerce automation is one of the most important success ingredients to achieve your business goals and scale your brand in the best way possible.

MehtabJit Teja’s Advice to E-commerce Startups

Whether your goal is to scale your e-commerce business at an early stage or you want to get started from scratch, you must discover the key metrics to track, learn how to churn, and adopt the right digital strategies to better run your startup and promote it to reach the target audience, he said. Also, figure out the best digital channels and platforms that work best for your brand and the products you offer and it will surely help you to take your e-commerce business to a whole new level. 

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