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A clean, well-organized space saving clothes hangers are the best: Your morning ritual is simplified, and the additional room provides you a reason to increase the size of your wardrobe. 

So you’re at the perfect place if you want to maximize your space! With Janelle Cohen, the talented organizer behind Straighten Up, we created a video instructional with simple instructions.

Try the approach of hanging the seasons

If you want to be honest about what you wear and don’t wear, think about doing this. Lunsford suggests making use of the seasonal hanger technique tool. “Turn your hangers one way, then the other once you’ve worn that item. 

When the season is over, take stock of all the clothing you didn’t wear and determine if any is suitable for donation. It’s usually time to give or sell the item used if you last wore it a year ago.

Utilize resourceful hangers

This steel hanger will cluster your shirts, making them simpler to discover and group while also saving space. They are versatile and may be hung across so you can see your shirts horizontally or down in a vertical fashion.

Suspend your purses

Your cherished pocketbook belongings may be stored with these bare S hooks. Its twisted chrome metal construction uses the top portion of the hook to hang on a rod and the bottom part to retain your priceless baggage.

Set aside a wall for built-ins

Create bespoke built-ins for clothing and accessories on one wall of a small walk-in closet, leaving the other side unfinished to create space for a walkway. 

It will feel unrestricted as a result. Joy Cho also installed a skylight to this little but tall closet for a splash of natural light.

Vary Shelf Height

Boots can be challenging to keep in a closet since they tend to fall over with just a little pressure. Consider this while developing bespoke shelves and built-in cubbies if you’re starting from scratch. 

The bottom bracket in this creative and well-organized closet is specifically designed to house boots.

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Add tags to the clothes dividers

Closet dividers may be a common sight for most parents. They’re typically used with newborns to separate and arrange clothing according to age. 

These closet organizers may assist you in sorting and dividing your dresses, skirts, sweaters, shirts, skirts, pants, and other items using the same methodology.

Use hangers to your advantage

Brock suggests color-coding your hangers as well. Sort and divide various space saving clothes hangers groups using different colors or designs.

This multicolored set can help you start, but remember to count how many you need for each type of clothing after taking stock.

Never undervalue hooks

Although hooks won’t hold most of the items in your wardrobe, they can be the most excellent place to hang miscellaneous items like a poncho or shawl that don’t belong in any category or department.

For starters, a waterfall hook may stack items below your closet door. This one hooks over the top, but there are various hook alternatives available if you need to screw anything in or position it, so it is more comprehensive than tall.

Add a second rod

Annie Brown, the creator of, where she provides a ton of organizing ideas, gave us the brilliant storage solution of an adjustable closet rod that hangs from your current rod. 

This product’s width may be expanded to 30 inches and is made of sturdy steel. Its height may also be changed by 35 inches.


The best part is that you can quickly identify what you have and need now that your space saving clothes hangers have been wholly arranged and edited. Doing this will allow you to calmly and purposefully add to your collection rather than squander money on useless items.

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