Unfortunately, static caravans do require some level of maintenance, even if they are looking in good condition. If you do this, you will be able to spot any potential problems, deal with issues and keep your caravan looking its best. Fortunately, many of these maintenance tips cost very little, so all they take is a little planning and time. With this mind, what maintenance can you carry out on your static caravan?

Keep your caravan clean

This is a relatively simple tip for maintaining your caravan but there is a reason for doing it. If you let dirt and grime build up then this is going to lead to problems. However, when you spend time cleaning your static caravan, it will give you the opportunity to spot problems. This might include broken seals or panels as well as any leaks.

Check windows and doors

Windows and doors can develop problems with the hinges as well as seals, as mentioned in the previous tip. However, giving your hinges a check to see if they are damaged is one place to start and you can give them some lubrication to ensure they move freely.

Remove leaves

During Autumn and Winter, leaves will fall from the tree and will land on the roof of your static caravan and in your gutters. This can lead to a whole range of problems with your roof and can prevent it from doing its job. Leaves that find their way into your gutters can cause a blockage and that can cause water to spill out of the gutters. This can damage any decking that might be laid around your static caravan while it can result in water finding its way inside of your caravan.

Have your boiler serviced

You should make sure that your boiler is serviced regularly. This will ensure that it is working correctly and that there are no problems. A faulty boiler can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and many other issues while it could also mean that it is operating inefficiently too, costing you more money to run.

Clear air vents

Circulation is vital for your static caravan and those using it as it enables air to circulate properly. When you aren’t using your caravan, you should make sure that the vents are closed although wall or floor vents can remain open to help prevent damp. Furthermore, you should make sure that air vents are clear of debris, as this will help to remove obstructions, giving you improved ventilation.

Gas and electricity

It is important to remember to turn your gas bottle off as well as your electricity when it is not in use. You should always make sure that regular checks are carried out on your systems to ensure that they all meet the required safety standards.

By carrying out these maintenance tips, you will avoid a whole range of issues. Furthermore, you will also be able to save money and avoid costly repairs as you will be able to spot damage and problems quickly.


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