In one of the first articles on this blog we talked about starting your business on eBay, and we proposed the famous auction and sales page on the internet as a fast, effective and, in many cases, profitable option to sell your products on the internet. However, eBay can also have its drawbacks, such as, for example, the payment of commissions per product sold, which 8% of the sale value with a limit of € 40.00. Or, if you publish a lot of ads, you will also pay a fixed fee per auction ad starting from 50 per calendar month and per purchase ad now!

Today we propose another way to sell the things that you have left over at home because you no longer use them or the products that you manufacture or distribute: sell through classified ads through

Classified ads on the internet fulfill the same function as the classics in the newspapers: advertise products or services through a short text in which the product or service offered, the price and the contact form are exposed, generally in the case of the newspapers, a phone number.

But there is a key difference between selling through online classifieds and doing it in newspapers: price. Inserting an ad in a newspaper has a cost that will depend on several factors, such as the number of words in the text, if it is in bold or boxed, if it is a local or national newspaper, the circulation of the newspaper, etc.

While doing it on one of the internet classifieds pages is, in principle, free and, in addition, you can accompany the text of one or more photographs at no cost. Only if you want to highlight your ad or make it appear in the first positions of a certain search, you will have to make a small outlay.

Classified ads vs. eBay

Let’s now see the pros and cons of selling one way or another:

  • On the classified ad pages, as we have said, they do not charge for the insertion of ads. On eBay, from a monthly amount, yes.
  • Classified ads are not an intermediary service in the sale, therefore no commission is charged if the sale is made. As we have said, eBay charges 8% per sale made.
  • In classified ads, the deal will have to be direct between the seller and the buyer, they will agree on the conditions and the page that publishes the ad will not have any responsibility for it, while on eBay the buyer has the guarantees of the page.
  • Through classified ads they will not be able to value you as a seller, this is an advantage that eBay does offer.
  • You will also not be able to create your own virtual store on a classified ads page (although all your ads could be searched if, for example, you always use the same phone), which you can do on eBay.
  • Finally, you will not be able to sell through the auction system, which is the main feature of eBay.

As you can see, both ways of selling online have advantages and disadvantages, it will depend a lot on your preferences whether you decide to use one or the other. Although in reality, classified ad pages and eBay selling can be perfectly complementary.

What can be Sold?

The answer to this question is simple, through classified ads everything can be sold, as long as it is legal. Any product or service has a place in these pages, from cars and houses to old magazines or a paper with the signature of any famous person. You can offer your services as a teacher of any subject, such as a painter, plumber, electrician, etc.

Normally the ads are classified in several categories and subcategories and distributed by geographical areas, although, depending on the pages, they offer other forms of search, such as by price, by square meters in the case of real estate or by year of registration in that of used vehicles. It is important that your ad is framed in the category and subcategory that corresponds to it. In addition, the more data your ad contains, the more chances you will have to sell and, of course, in the case of products, one or more good photos accompanying the text will help your sales a lot.

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