Conservatories can get too hot in the summer, preventing you from enjoying them. However, there are several methods for keeping a conservatory cool, from installing blinds to applying a cooling film to the glass. We spoke to a leading conservatory blind supplier in Essex, and these are their top tips to keep you cool this summer.

Top tips

Window vents

Allowing cool air to circulate around your conservatory is crucial to keep it cool. There’s a lot of debate about whether windows should be left open or closed. If the temperature in the room is lower than the temperature outside, keep the windows closed to prevent hot air from entering. You can control your ventilation by using window vents. If the room is too hot, open the windows to let in some fresh air. Keeping the windows open in the evenings will keep your conservatory cooler.

Tiled roof

Conservatories tend to heat up when the weather is hot and cool down when the weather is cold because glass is a poor insulator. The heat is already reduced because the addition of a roof prevents sunlight from reaching the top of the roof and entering the room. The colour of your tiles will also reflect how well your conservatory repels heat; lighter colours reflect heat more effectively, while darker colours absorb it more effectively.

Install blinds

Blinds are a natural choice for keeping a conservatory cool because they serve multiple purposes: they provide privacy if your garden is overlooked, and they are also a great way to add some style to your conservatory.

Install solar control glass

The sun provides both light and heat. Special glazing can act as a filter between the two, allowing light in while reducing the amount of heat transmitted into the conservatory. Solar control glass lets sunlight in while reflecting and radiating some of the heat away. Using this type of glazing on a conservatory’s roof and windows can significantly impact the temperature inside.

Install cooling film

Cooling film is a simple adhesive layer that can be applied to your windows to act as an extra heat barrier. It is a reasonably priced solution. Many can reflect up to 80% of heat-carrying UV rays, keeping your room cool and preventing sun bleaching on your furnishings.

Install air conditioning

It is the most expensive to install and run. Still, it can help you keep a comfortable temperature in the room that brings you closer to your garden. There are units available that can heat and cool, so shopping around for the best deal is worthwhile.

Final thoughts

Conservatories are an excellent investment and an excellent addition to any home. They add space, let in more light, increase the value of your home, and are a wonderful room to enjoy all year. There was a time when a conservatory could only be used a few times a year because it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. There are now numerous ways to control the temperature in your conservatory, making it a pleasant place to spend time all year.

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