There are several ways in which the healthcare industry has successfully incorporated IT solutions and disruptive technologies. From machine learning to artificial intelligence, several such technologies have been integrated with the existing IT solutions of the healthcare industry. Still, the same level of advancements is yet to come when we come to dentistry.

Although the department has adopted several technologies and modern approaches, online payment has been the most impactful. Not only has it reduced the burden of manual cash collection and recording the same transaction on the computer, but it has also allowed patients to pay for their treatments or consultation easily. In this article, we have described how you can improve the dental patient experience with online payments.

Secure the online payment gateways

One of the major ways in which you can improve the dental patient experience using online payment gateways is to secure the portals. Using just the user ID and password isn’t the only way to protect the systems. Therefore, implement a double-factor authentication system for your employees working with the payment section.

It can be a password and Okta, password and OTP, biometrics and password, and so on. In addition, the dental practice management software should be encrypted with the 256-bit algorithm. The more security levels integrated into the system, the safer it will be for the user data. This will further help you to take the customer experience to a new level and ensure your patients are satisfied.

Add multiple channels for online payments.

The next thing you need to do is incorporate multiple online payment channels. Debit and credit cards are the traditional forms of online payments and have been used for a long time. But sometimes, people don’t carry the cards with them. In this case, online payment gateways or electronic wallets will be the best solution.

These will allow the user to scan the barcode and make payment from the desired third-party electronic wallet. You can also go for cashless treatment, where the insurer will directly transfer the amount to the hospital’s bank. You won’t have to worry about making the payments from your pocket.

Store the transaction details properly

It is crucial to ensure the payment details, user information, and other confidential information sets are stored properly. You must incorporate the financial and billing software because the DB is implemented while implementing protection layers. SQL and XSS injection attacks are the two most common types of cyber threats involving the database, where all the details will be stored appropriately.

This is why you must ensure the database is well-protected and the APIs used to establish the relationship are optimized properly. In addition, you should run audits on the database to remove duplicate datasets, collect datasets from different sources and properly arrange them.

Check the details of the patients.

Do ensure to check the patient details before you proceed with anything else. Verify the patient details with which the booking is made, the details present on the billing paperwork, and the details of the online payment. This will assure you that online payment has not been a fraud.

It will also help your patients to understand the transparency you have implemented in the business. Also, you should confirm with the patients the amount, the name of the payee, and so on, to take the patient experience up by several notches.

Integrate online payment gateway with billing software

You should also consider integrating the billing software with the online payment gateways. This way, you won’t have to enter the details of the transaction manually. It will also help you reduce errors in data typing and ensure the recorded transactions are right and accurate.


This article explains how you can optimize the online payment processing gateways to take the patient experience level up by several notches. Follow these steps one by one to ensure you don’t have to deal with any other hurdle, monetary loss or data theft.

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