In pre-digital times, the use of banners for advertising had grown to become a common business tactic, and as the economy moved online so too did the banner. The online banner has proven itself to be an effective marketing tool and one that can track consumers from the click through to the end action.

The effective use of traditional banners for advertising and to drive customers to your business is a trickier proposition. That’s primarily because unless you ask the customer what it was that made them choose you and they say the banner outside or the banner they see on the drive home, it is a tenuous link to make between a sale and the ad. However, it is the traditional banner and external advertising that are making the biggest marketing comeback ever. Here are some tips to assist you in terms of how to effectively use banners.

  • Have a targeted message or a specific promotion

Use the banner to promote something specific, if possible, and make it ongoing, so that the banner can be used repeatedly. The physical banner has been proven to work at events and for product promotions at fairs and shows. It is a simple yet effective means of getting the business logo and message into the minds of those at that location as well as any photographs and media coverage that may be taken at the event.

  • Keep the message simple, don’t try to say too much

The reader must be able to understand the message and as such keep it as simple as possible. Digital technology means being able to design the colour, font, size and images in extreme detail and as effectively as possible. Printed banners can be made according to your specific and unique requirements and digital printing means you can see exactly what it will look like before it is printed. Yet, with all this technology, you still need a simple, clear message.

  • Placement, placement, placement

It’s all about where you put the banner. The all-time great position is at traffic lights, or at a pedestrian crossing. It’s a moment in people’s journeys where there is an enforced break and yet interacting with the mobile device is still on hold. It’s a perfect time to provide a bit of information and clear brand messages, or to promote a specific product or service.

The banner must also be able to deal with all weather conditions if it is placed outdoors or used to wrap a building. Soyang is a great example of how this can be done in a professional and sustainable manner. The technology now available means that you can have any banner that your business wants or needs.

  • Keep the design on-brand

The colour scheme and overall design must be a clearly linked to your business. If having the banner or external signage out there is about boosting a brand, then your branding must be clearly recognisable. Your brand colours are important, so make sure to use them in all your advertising.

No matter how great the banner, if it doesn’t make an immediate and clear link to your business, then you may have missed a trick.

If you follow just a few of the above suggestions to guide your advertising and banner use for your business, you may be pleasantly surprised. Modern technology means that outdoor banners and signage are as clear and detailed as never before. A mixture of both e-banners and traditional banners on the street will thus provide your business with the best solution and opportunity to reach as many of your target customers as possible.

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