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At BlackBud, we want writers to write for us. No matter whether you are a long-term health & fitness expert or a newcomer to the industry, as long as it’s attractive, intelligent, and punchy, we welcome your content. If you are keen on knowing the aspects and secrets to good health, write for us. We love to hear from writers who have experiences and are willing to share their knowledge with the audiences online. 

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And ladies, we would love to feature your writing on skincare in our website. Whether you are a novice or hold expertise in skin care, write for us. Quality content is all we need from writers, whether they are experienced or not. 

What we look for:

  • The content must be original, that is free from plagiarism. And the content must focus on blogs and articles related to skin, healthcare, and fitness. 
  • References and proper linkbacks must be added. If you excel in the field of yoga, write for us.
  • To make the content more informative, suitable pictures must be inserted. 
  • We welcome writers who are professionals in the field of healthcare to write for us. Amateur writers should do thorough research before creating the content. 
  • Also, the content must be grammatically correct. 
  • The content must not be published before on any other website.
  • Add more pictures in your content, but the size should be of 800*400. 

Every content should be formatted as below:

  • The title should consist of 68-74 characters. 
  • The subtitle should be between 160-180 characters. 
  • The introduction shouldn’t exceed 200 words. 
  • The main body should be of 900-1000 words along with bullet points and suitable subheadings. 
  • The conclusion shouldn’t be less than 100 words. 

Subjects we cover:

As people are becoming more conscious about health/skin day-to-day, we aim to increase the knowledge of the digital health community. 

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Women’s health
  • Healthcare 
  • Healthy eating
  • Tips to avoid health risks
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Diseases
  • Fitness
  • Skincare

Who we write for:

  • The content that we create aims to educate the digital health community about the best and the worst practices that affect their lives. 
  • Our content aims at keeping the health community online abreast of knowledge and recent developments related to the healthcare industry. 

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