No matter how long you have been running a business, it is always important to focus on the future. More specifically it is important to focus on growth and development. One of the main ways you can do this is by hiring and employing new staff. When you bring new people into your business you inject life, diversity, and even new ideas. Going about recruitment and hiring the right way will ensure you have the best chance at success.

The Right Time to Hire

There is no perfect time to hire new staff, but there is a right time. The right time will come about when you are pushing forwards, but perhaps not moving at the pace you want. It might be when staff and team members get internally promoted and you need to fill in the voids that they have left. The right time to hire will fit in with your growth plans, and it will feel natural. If the process feels too forced or pushed, then take a step back and take time to re-evaluate.

Evaluating Current Staffing and Roles

Evaluation, when you are hiring, is crucial. Why are you hiring? What positions are you looking to fill and why? If a process of evaluation is not undertaken you may well find that roles are not filled as successfully as they could be. Take a look at the current staff you have and look at their roles and responsibilities. Do you have any visible gaps? Is there room for change or improvement?

Seeing Where Opportunities Exist

After a period of evaluation, you can then start to see where opportunities exist. For instance, you may find opportunities for internal promotion or redirection exist. You would then need new faces to fill old places. You may find that new roles and positions need to be created to fill in the gaps in your current staff skills or roles. When you see where opportunities exist you can make the most of the existing staff you have or hire exactly the right person.

Creating Roles and New Job Descriptions

Whenever you are looking at getting anybody new to a team, you must ensure rules and job descriptions are clear and concise. Anybody that is moving positions or starting within your business has to know where they stand, and what their responsibilities and duties will be. If these are not clear from the outset, then there may be confusion and tension within the team you are building.

Writing an Employment Contract

No matter whom you choose to hire, when, or why, you must always ensure that procedures are legal and fully compliant. Handling this by yourself can be exhausting, and sometimes it is best left to an HR consultant or agency. You can of course start to think like an employee and think about what should be included in your employment contract? However, it is always best to reach out to those with trained expertise, knowledge, and awareness. You can save a lot of time and hassle by getting employment contracts created externally. You can also gain peace of mind because this will ensure that you are up to date with legal procedures and processes.

Managing Human Resources as You Grow

When you hire and employ new staff you will need to be more conscious of HR and the part it plays within your business. Managing HR as your business grows will end up being all-consuming. When you are running and operating a business and focusing on the day-to-day operations it can also end up being an afterthought. However, HR should never be an afterthought. It should be one of your top concerns and priorities moving forwards. If you cannot handle this in-house, then look at external providers and agencies. Building a team and keeping them happy and content has to be your property, and HR can help greatly with this.

Reviewing Your Hiring Process

Employment needs and staffing needs change frequently. As your business grows and even diversifies you must ensure you regularly review your hiring process. A lot can change in the workforce, and when it comes to hiring the right employees, you want to be sure that your process is efficient and effective. Reviewing your hiring process at least once a year is crucial. This way you can see if there is any room for development or change. You can also see if you would be better off liaising with external agencies and recruiters, rather than trying to handle and tackle everything by yourself.


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