The primary focus of any business owner is to grow and expand their business as they strive to establish a firm footing in their marketplace. While you are busy ironing out your business plan and strategies, the IT side of things might take a backseat.

As digitalisation is now at the core of almost every business function, having an effective IT infrastructure and strategy is synonymous with your business’s profitability. Without a robust IT plan in place, you risk costing your business money in the long run.

This is where managed IT services come to your rescue to lend a helping hand with the technical issues of your business. Your managed services provider or MSP can be regarded as the one-stop-solution for everything related to IT.

Some of the core services that they can assist you with include:

  • Cyber Security and Safety
  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring
  • Cloud Storage Solutions and Security
  • Unified Endpoint Management
  • VoIP and Communications

In this piece, we will discuss 7 signs your business needs to work with a managed IT services provider to upgrade and optimise your functions and processes!

1. Inefficient Cyber Security Policy

As cyber attacks are on the rise, the need for robust cyber security measures has increased dramatically. The good news is that with managed IT support, your business’s end-to-end security will be accounted for that too in a cost-efficient manner. MSPs have a comprehensive cyber security package that will help safeguard your organisation by leveraging the latest cyber security techniques.

With an MSP working by your side, you won’t have to worry about network security and data compliance. They look after all the security risks, policies and licenses and ensure that your business operations are running smoothly with no disruptions.

2. Regular Operational Downtime

If your business functions happen to experience hiccups and disruptions on a regular basis then it is a sign that something is wrong with your IT strategy. If you don’t attend to this, your operational efficiency will surely deteriorate and eventually fail. We are talking about software lags and system crash where you risk losing mission-critical business information. What’s more, technical glitches like these can cost you dearly and you are likely to experience a financial setback as well.

With managed IT support your businesses operations will be structured, streamlined, efficient and upgradeable. Even if you do experience operational downtime, there are backup measures in place that’ll get your processes up and running in no time at all.

Be it system or hardware upgrades, managed services providers are technical genies who work their magic to fix your infrastructure right up.

3. Lack of Network Usage Monitoring and Tracking

For your business to grow and expand, you need to have extensive data available to you about various activities and functions. When you have that, you can monitor the IT usage across your network in real-time and make decisions that will help you scale your business. You’d find it extremely difficult to achieve all this in-house due to budget constraints and lack of resources and skills.

With managed IT support, you can track and monitor IT usage across your network without overwhelming your in-house capabilities. Consider managed services as add-on support that can help you improve system performance.

4. Ineffectual IT and Tech Support

As your business grows, it can become exceedingly difficult for your in-house IT department to stay on top of the increased demands and expectations. Additionally, as your systems and processes become more intricate and layered, your in-house staff may experience knowledge and skill gap in some capacity to fix IT issues.

Partnering with an MSP will bring extensive IT expertise and up-to-date technical knowledge at your disposal as you resolve issues and queries round the clock. With managed services, you can benefit from advanced technical support as and when you need it.

5. Lack of Backup Plan

Your network security can be compromised which is why having a foolproof data backup plan to fall back on is essential. Creating cloud backups will be more cost-efficient as the sharing of files and documents is super easy and safe here. Plus, everyone can access the latest version of the files which means you can continue working right where you left off.

Without proper backup procedure in place, there’s a chance you could lose all critical business information that can compromise the integrity and security of your IT network. Managed service providers can work with you to formulate a safe and secure backup plan for your business and demonstrate how you can share information efficiently across your network.

As your processes become more independent and efficient, your business will become more productive and optimised.

6. Absence of IT Expense Management

Managing your business becomes a lot easier when you have an estimate of all the costs you are likely to incur. That way, you get a chance to plan ahead of time and make the necessary arrangements. When you work with a managed service provider you have the ability to strategise and plan your expenses well in advance and avoid any financial hiccups caused by unexpected technical issues.