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Coding turns out to be an essential skill in the fast-paced, tech-driven world. Kids need to learn coding at a tender age. There are some online courses designed to make kids learn to code. At Skoolofcode, you’d find the best online coding classes for kids

Coding classes go beyond teaching kids how to code. In an online coding class, kids will learn how to collaborate, solve problems, think critically, and so on. It is why you need to look for online coding classes for kids. 

Eight Best Online Coding Classes For Kids

With more than twenty award-winning courses, there is a learning path for a kid. We got something for kids, irrespective of their ages and grades. 


This online coding course proved to be one of our most popular yet. Your kid’s learning venture starts with online tutors giving them access to some surprising aspects of the Minecraft platform. 

During the online coding class, kids get taught how to work with Minecraft. It involves learning how blocks, animals, items, and the world itself works in terms of a program. 

Scratch Coding

Scratch coding lets kids go ahead with programming using the well-loved Scratch platform. The course starts with an introductory lesson on the visual coding platform of Scratch. 

It lets kids learn about the key areas of iteration and branching, plus game logic and variables. Your kid learns how to use virtual projects to create fun, animated, and interactive games. 

Digital Character Design 

Do you search for online coding courses, especially of grade one or two? It’s a course for kids who are new to programming and have a 12-week plan. The course aims at teaching kids the basics of illustration and design. The online coding course helps kids learn about fonts, shades, and colors. 

The best part is that the course  doesn’t require any prior experience and is good for newbies. 

Storyboards With Code

It allows kids and builds storyboards using the module. The course focuses on getting kids familiarized with the basics and gives exercises to implement all that they learned theoretically. 

Lessons will focus on events, commands, loops, keypress, and more. Kids learn digital storytelling. 

Advanced Gaming Advanced Animations 

At Skoolofcode, we designed advanced animations for kids who are above seven years. It allows kids to draw their well-loved anime characters like Spiderman and create animations by themselves. It’s a coding course perfect for newbies. 

Advanced Gaming

It makes use of intuitive programming blocks to craft simple blocks, animations, and stories. It lets kids grasp simple programming concepts like loops and conditions. Online Coding Courses for your Kids aim at making creations interactive and exciting. 

Pro Gaming

Skoolofcode powers the creativity of millions of kids and serves thousands of educators online. Our interactive story-based course helps kids to learn the basics with easy block-based coding languages before transitioning to real-world languages like Python and Javascript. 

It makes use of mathematical and logical operators. It helps kids learn how to store data using variables. 

Advanced Microbit

Kids get introduced to Microbit, and the course explores some aspects of the stunning widget like LED, milliseconds, and sounds. Your kid creates an image using computer concepts and LED lights. 

It reviews coding concepts like loops and conditional statements. It helps kids learn more about variables. 


Before selecting the Best online coding classes for kids, you should research. Surprisingly, some signs tell whether your kid would love programming or coding courses. Be mindful and catch the knowledge of the teacher to decide which coding schemes would be ideal for your kids. 

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