The modern world of new directions never ceases to amaze with an abundance of new teams that care about both the financial component of entertainment and the burden they carry.

So, American Entertainment Investors is one of the few investment corporations that was created in the previous century but still relatively recently in 1996 and now it is the leader in both the entertainment and investment markets.

Also, in the last decade, a company has been created that helps entertainment destinations develop and supports them financially. This is, whose team members show the highest quality and attitude towards their products and investors.

Main directions of AEI activity

Of course, JKR is still a very young representative of this direction but is already approaching the success of AEI.

American Entertainment Investors is engaged in five areas that are directly related to the world of entertainment:

  1. For studios, production and distribution companies, AEI provides full financial advice and helps to model the most profitable strategies. The company examines in detail the condition of the product, evaluates it, and takes on the planning of all financial aspects so that the turnover of assets is as profitable as possible.
  2. Small production companies can also seek professional help from representatives of American Entertainment Investors. The main condition for full cooperation is the availability of capital resources since, in order to attract television projects that will become investors, it is important to have a financial position to confirm the integrity and guarantee the stability of regular profits from such collaboration. After all, the main goal of such projects is to organize long-term benefits for all parties.
  3. Media startups that do not have initial capital or are caught in a complicated deal also have the opportunity to get help from such large professionals, but this also requires the connection of banking services. The AEI can advise on takeovers of small companies by large ones, as this is a very difficult issue from a financial point of view. Also, this investment group can provide advice on the creation or restructuring of joint corporations, so that the company could avoid debt situations, and in case of more serious problems, even consultations on controversial litigation can be held.
  4. Those who are interested in purchasing library transactions can also become regular customers with American Entertainment Investors. Evaluating movie libraries and providing detailed advice on the advantages and disadvantages of each in terms of financial benefits is one of the main steps before any investment in entertainment. Leading companies like Handmade Films and The Kings Road do not partner with anyone at all until a full assessment is made.

Major companies and names associated with American Entertainment Investors

Speaking about such a large company, it is impossible to ignore the projects with which a very successful and profitable collaboration was carried out:

  1. Alcon Entertainment;
  2. River Road Entertainment;
  3. Exclusive Media Group.

As a result of cooperation with these companies, successful projects have been obtained that have become known all over the world:

  • Dolphin Tale;
  • Tree of Life;
  • End of Watch;
  • The Woman in Black;
  • 12 Years A Slave;
  • Brokeback Mountain and so on.

Also, in 2008, American Entertainment Investors provided funding for the project that managed to win an Oscar – The Hurt Locker.

A highly professional team of specialists under the leadership of President Joseph N. Cohen has become the basis for such a large and bright success and stability of American Entertainment Investors Corporation.

Now the majority of newly-minted investment companies are trying to achieve AEI results and JKR succeeds most of all because in just a few years the team was able to gain maximum trust from both large corporations and start-ups.

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