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6 Hottest Exterior Cladding Ideas You Can Try in 2020


Want to transform the appearance of the exterior of your home?  Well, that’s great. Cladding can be an awesome way to serve the purpose. As it can give your premises a more customized and personalized look that shows your taste and aesthetic sense.  

What is Cladding? 

Cladding is basically a non-load-bearing layer or skin coated to the exterior of a home. It serves multiple purposes i.e. protection of the building against weather fluctuations, provides fire and sound insulation, and immensely enhances the charisma of a place.

In past, cladding options were quite a few, but now the amount of options has been increased drastically. Nowadays, people opt for mixes and new products that can represent that aesthetic taste more clearly and loudly.  

 So, here is the list of hottest cladding ideas that you can try in 2020 to give your home a mind-blowing look. 

  • Stone Cladding 

Stone cladding has gotten substantial fame in the architectural industry in recent years.  It is often used in Hamptons-style homes. This cladding is modeled in the form of natural stones blend and mixed with other aesthetic materials to make it look even better and durable. Mostly used for home exteriors, fireplaces, porches, and feature walls.  

You can get a huge range of stones almost for any style of home. Moreover, it is a very cost-efficient option that comes up with diversity, uniqueness, depth, complexity, vibrancy, and a fabulous texture of natural stone of course. 

Stone siding is incredible in terms of durability and protection. It requires very low upkeep and can withstand weather changes without showing major signs of wear and tear for a longer period of time. Above all, it gives the home an amazingly classy and appealing look that makes it more fascinating.  

  • Fiber-Cement Cladding

Well, if we talk about contemporary homes particularly, then fiber-cement cladding is a great option to count on.  It comes in various styles, including horizontal or vertical, large panels, or boards. Furthermore, it has many useful features such as easy to install, requires less maintenance, sturdy, and provides maximum protection against water and fire damage.  Not only that, but it also lowers the risk of condensation. You can check different styles and choose the most suitable fiber-cement siding for your home.  These days, people are frequently using panels for a minimalist look and boards for the classic style.  Well, you can see the options and make your decision. 

  • Metal Cladding

Metal cladding is getting popularity these days due to its marvelous features and affordability.  Superior durability, longevity, resistance, and low maintenance are some of the high-flying features of metal siding. 

It doesn’t absorb moisture that makes it a superb defense against water damage and mold growth. Whereas, other siding products mostly lack this feature and provide a good ground for insect and fungal proliferation.  Well, most people consider metal cladding as a bland option, but it’s not true anymore.  

Nowadays, metals can be bonded and blended with a variety of cladding materials that make it a perfect siding option for residential sectors too. Last but not the least; metal cladding is highly cost-efficient as well.

  • Timber Weatherboard Cladding

Weatherboard cladding is typically made up of long rectangular timber panels. The panels can be installed on the exterior or interior of the home horizontally as well as vertically. However, the horizontal overlapping method is proffered since it allows swift water runoff that prevents water damage.  

Well, unlike metal and stone cladding, timber panels require regular maintenance, cleaning and need to be painted too. It is liked due to its classy finishing, affordability, and ease of installation. At the same time, require more maintenance and provides poor thermal regulation. So, do your research and select timber weatherboard cladding only if you can manage it soundly. 

  • Vinyl Cladding 

Want to revolutionize the look of your home’s exterior with dense color combinations?  Yes, vinyl siding is an awesome option to rely on. Easy & fast installation, affordability, and charismatic looks are some of the most prominent features of vinyl cladding.

Furthermore, it can resist mildew and mold, is available in a massive range of styles, colors, trim, and accessories. Along with being highly durable, it is environment friendly as well.

  • Brick Cladding 

No matter how many times we say that brick cladding has become an old cladding idea, it never fails to amaze us with its fascinating color combinations and extraordinary features.  Brick is a perfect option for new builds however, these days it’s being used in a combination with other siding products mainly weatherboards and fiber-cement. 

Brick comes up with vibrant color combinations, well in recent years darker shades are increasing in trend, with grey being the most frequently used color in this aspect. The Scandi look of brick cladding is in demand nowadays that contains the thinner profiles of bricks, known as split and linear styles. 

Brick cladding can turn a dull looking building into an awesome one, require very low maintenance, is easy to install, and gives robust strength and durability. Furthermore, it protects the building against all sorts o weather changes and comes up with a longer lifespan.  

Another astonishing feature about brick siding is that it can be installed both inside and outside of the home. However, brick veining is not suitable for areas with a rainy climate, as it is formed of organic materials and absorbs moisture. That can stimulate mold and mildew growth and decrease the overall durability of the building. But in moderate climates, brick cladding is an awesome option to count on. 

Wrapping It Up

So, these are some of the most demanded and liked exterior cladding trends that you can give a try in 2020.  Whether its fiber cement, stone, or brick cladding, all comes up with their specific pros and cons. What you need to do is to consult a reliable builder and do thorough research to make an informed decision about a well-suitable cladding installation, according to the infrastructure of your premises.



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