A sloping garden has often been seen as a deal breaker and one of the things that no one wants to buy; however, if you have the chance and the house is right for you, then here are a few innovative ideas to change a sloping garden and make it more user friendly and more of an asset for your home.

Tiers or terraces

Being able to level sections of the garden and make them useable as a series of terraces or different tiers has become incredibly popular. There is also a great deal of advice and information that will help and guide you when building a tiered garden. The first step will be to determine what you will use to create the tiers or terraces and the best advice is to use a material that has a long-lasting lifespan, so that you won’t have to redo the barriers and terraces too soon. The terraces or flat tiers will provide more useable garden space for both family fun and flat planting space where water simply won’t run off.

Use water as a theme and to accentuate the slope

Instead of trying to get rid of the slope, you can use water or small stream to accentuate the slope and create a natural calming water feature with constantly running water. You will likely need a good water pump system to get the water back up the slope. But once done it will be predominantly maintenance free and as long as there are some steps to be able to follow the water and access the sloping garden then a water feature or running water is a fantastic way to make use of a sloping garden.

Use the height of plants to change the outlook

Depending on how you plant the slope, you can create flat spaces in between the plants, where soil can be held, maintained and also planted. Staggered planting and use of different heights of plants will not only serve to stabilise the sloping soil, but also to create a flatter perspective, where the true slope will only be seen and observed under the planted canopy. Ensure that you allow for sufficient drainage and use the right plants in the right places so that they can cope with the various ground water levels along the contours of the slope.

Many home buyers won’t touch a sloping garden and if they do buy, it is one of the biggest expenses to try to rescue the space and create a flat garden space all on one level, just don’t do this. Instead, looking to buy a home with such a garden may save you some money in that they are not top buys and with the tips as discussed herein you will be able to do more than you think with any sloping garden. A sloping garden can be a fun and exciting way process to get more use and enjoyment from. The three simple tips as discussed herein will allow you to plan around the slope or in fact include the slope in your garden plans and won’t cost you a fortune.

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