quick easy healthy chicken recipes

Compared to buying ready-made fried chicken, it is preferable to make it at home. It is crispier, healthier, and more reliable. The cost is also affordable, which is much cheaper than buying ready-made fried chicken. Below, you can read and know the three quick easy healthy chicken recipes.

Spicy Fried Chicken Wings:

This formula is produced with flaky bread crumbs and a delicate inner. The production method of these quick easy healthy chicken recipes is:

Prepare ten chicken wings, one egg, and 100 grams of plain flour. After washing, use a toothpick to prompt periodic tiny holes in the skin. Put one tablespoon of salt, two tablespoons of sugar, 1/2 tablespoon of white pepper powder, and one tablespoon of chili powder into the chicken wings and mix well. Then wrap it and place it in the cold storage box to marinate for approximately 2 hours.

Whip the eggs, and then pour in the exact quantity of water. Take out the chicken put for the marinate process, and overlay the outside evenly with flour coating. Wash the floured chicken wings in the egg mix for 3-5 seconds. Again soaked chicken wings and put them in the flour likewise.

Behind all the chicken wings had covered, initiate frying. Fry the chicken wings in the needed oil; you can fry it till it turns golden. You can fry them again to make them even crispier.

Crispy Chicken and Popcorn:

Chicken popcorn is golden in appearance and crispy in taste; that’s why it is placing a top place in the list of quick easy healthy chicken recipes. A small amount of chicken can drive plenty. Compared with the price of a fast-food restaurant, it is much cheaper to make it yourself, and it is healthier and more reliable.

Prepare the items such as two small pieces of chicken breast or thighs, two eggs, an appropriate amount of dry flour, appropriate amount of bread crumbs. Cut the chicken breast into small pieces, and then add one egg white, one spoon of salt, one spoon of cooking wine, and one spoon of white pepper to marinate for 30 minutes. Beat the remaining eggs for later use.

Use a spoon to pick up a piece of chicken and put it in the dry flour so that the surface of the chicken breast has evenly coated with the dry flour. Put the chicken in the egg mixture again, and stick to the egg mixture. Then coat the eggs with bread crumbs. It looks like it’s all covered in bread crumbs. Pour a proper quantity of oil; after heated, set the chicken pieces and fry them until it turns golden.

Oil-Free Chicken Popcorn:

The oil-free version of chicken popcorn is still golden in appearance and crispy in taste. The item needed is one chicken breast, an appropriate amount of cornstarch, two eggs, and some yellow bread crumbs. Cut the chicken breast into small pieces.

Put one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of cooking wine, and a little white pepper powder into the chicken breasts, then cover with plastic wrap and marinate in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

After the chicken breast has marinated, use chopsticks to pick up a piece of chicken and put it into the dry starch so that the surface of the chicken breast evenly adheres to the dry starch. Put the chicken with dry starch into the egg liquid, and stick it all over it.

Bottom Line:

These chicken recipes are healthier, and even you can cook and provide them as a snack item for your children. They will enjoy the delicious taste of the chicken, and it is not a difficult thing to do in-home also. Within an hour, you can complete the process of cooking.

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