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Say goodbye to the conventional ride-hailing taxi business by revamping it with Uber Clone App.

You might be wondering that developing an app like Uber will take a lot of monies and require hiring the best app development team and that’s not your cup of team. Well, it is. We are not talking about discussing developing a Taxi Booking App from ground zero but, you are investing by Buying Uber Clone Script Solution.

What Is Attractive Thing About Uber Clone App

Uber Clone Apps has been rated as one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your taxi business digitally.

It helps your taxi business to grow in the shortest time that you can think of. It is a readily available solution that hardly takes more than a week to launch in the market and that too at a damn good price.

Business owners who have less capital or do not wish to spend much can rely on Uber Clone Taxi Script. Buying these State-of-the-art scripts saves time, money, and effort which is significant for startups.

Entrepreneurs Are Always Interested in Benefits & Profits

Whether it is a Startup or an Established Enterprise there are only two things they are interested in – Profits and Benefits. 

Whenever they are investing in any business the first thing that crosses their mind is, “What benefits will bring it to me?” and “How much profits it will make? 

Investing in an app like Uber brings both in the minimum of time. Since the app is inspired by the successful business model Uber, there is no second doubting about their concept. The groundwork is already done. All you have to do is develop it with New Features, Smooth Interface, Better and Quick Navigation, Improved Revenue Strategies.

The Best Part – Uber Clone Script Solution

Uber Clone Script is a Taxi-hailing App Solution allowing Taxi Booking companies to launch it quickly and at an affordable price. 

Buying this Top Selling Uber-Like Taxi App Solution will have all the features and functionalities like that of Uber. Most importantly it is white-labeled and 100% customizable. Available in both Android and IOS it allows you to reach a wider audience and scale up easily.

The Taxi Booking Script is one of the best and top-selling scripts that is suited will for ride-hailing businesses. The script solution for the Uber-like app is well-designed having a smooth interface for both Drivers and Riders. 

The app packs the best features and improved UI/UX that keep you ahead in the competitive business. 

Uber Clone – Updating With the Latest Trends

Experiencing the boom in the market, today several entrepreneurs are launching their Uber-like App. With competition becoming stiff, buying this Uber Clone Script Solution will make you stand out. 

Adding advanced-level features and working on its user-friendliness can boost the effectiveness of the app. Therefore, resulting in more ride trips that will make more profits. 

Later on, you can add On-Demand delivery services to get more customers. Furthermore, add Parcel/Logistics services that allow you to expand and scale up your business captivating a wider audience.

New Engaging Features 2021

An app like Uber for Taxi Booking is developed on the latest technologies that has new attractive features that allows the Users, Drivers, and Admin to accomplish the task without any hitches. The features include:

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App
  • Restricting driver’s fraud
  • Location-wise banners throughout the system
  • Location-wise Push notifications
  • Face mask verifications
  • Ride cancellation
  • Apply toll cost manually
  • Cookie Consent popup
  • Restricted passenger limits 
  • OTP verification to start the ride
  • Taxi fare calculations – 2 ways
  • Graphical Status of the rides
Choosing The Best Uber Clone App Development Company

Choosing the reputed app development company to work with comes with the following benefits:

Licensed source code – It offers 100% customized licensed source code that you will be easily modifiedas per your taxi business requirement. 

365 days free bug support – The development team will be available to tackle the issues of the bugs in case it arises post-purchase which is the rarest possibility. The support is offered for 365 days at no added cost.

White-labelingUber Clone Script – The white-label process does not take more than 4-5 business days. Once you place the order, the app is rebranded under your name.

IOS and Android App Installation –The app development team will launch your Uber Clone App for you in the Play Store / App Store. 

Privacy policy and NDA–The company that you work with understand the importance of privacy thus, implements an NDA agreement ensuring there is complete privacy maintained.

Multiple languages and currencies –Along with the standard English and USD (American Dollar) you can include the other 9 local languages of your choice. This way you get to cover a lot of localities as well as a foreign traveler if your city is a tourist destination.


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