We live in an era where the influence and presence of new media and social networks is often invasive, but it is a reality that must be dealt with, in every sphere, from work to social, political and economic. . Social media have indeed been one of the constants of the last ten years and have accompanied us for better or for worse, at least for the users who have used them, abandoned them and who have returned after some time.

It is difficult to give an exact and precise definition of what a social network is today, given that for example Facebook, if before it could be considered a form of leisure, today it is seen as a great opportunity to be seized in the professional and corporate sphere. After some time, neighboring realities were born that are structured precisely on this model of multimedia business and linked to the use of the Internet, the sharing of data, information, news, audio video material and so on. Today, however, social networks tend to move to other aspects, one above all that of videos. There is another essential and supporting component, which concerns the development of casual games.

Games are indeed one of the reasons why a platform like Twitch.tv, Youtube and Telegram itself are having so much success and luck. In particular, the Twitch.tv platform turns out to be precisely the one centered on the theme of the game. The structure of all games in the gaming, IGaming, eSports and online gambling categories is discussed and analyzed in this portal. There are channels and broadcasts where the tricks, strategies, fundamental rules are revealed, to overcome the first levels and become more and more experts in the various competitions and categories.After some time, neighboring realities were born that are structured precisely on this model of multimedia business and linked to the use of the Internet As we have seen in recent years, development and digital technology has given the eSports market the opportunity to become a consolidated reality, so much so that it expects to have an important audience like that of the next Olympic Games.

Of course this kind of thing has sparked debate and controversy among fans and experts of competitive and competitive sports. However, it is a taboo to be dispelled, since eSports are something different than a simple multimedia and interactive video game. A similar sector that has always caused discussion and debate is also that of online gambling. In Italy, the circuit like NetBet UK of the legal type and regulated by the ADM body is a rather consolidated reality, if you think of the figures and the turnover that was achieved between 2014 and 2019, the years of the real boom. Before there was much talk of pokermania, due to the media hype of Texas Hold’Em, the spectacular variant of the Texas poker game. Today the market instead differs and moves to a new idea of ​​the virtual and digital casino game.

New realities have emerged such as online bingo, dice games, some games that originate from lucky television formats, while other games such as European roulette, blackjack, baccarat and all are taking hold in recent years. digital slot machines with progressive jackpots. As you can see the games are quite heterogeneous, since for example poker and blackjack above all, are considered to all intents and purposes as skill games. By skill games we naturally mean a game of skill.

The game of skill is opposed in a diametrically opposite and parallel way to the game of chance and luck. In fact, to become competitive and competent at the game of poker and blackjack, also known by the nickname of 21, you need to study an effective strategy. There are several components which, in fact, concern to a small extent luck and chance. This aspect unites in a rather relevant and evident way the skill games of the digital casino circuit, with eSports, with MMOs and RPGs, with all videogames where you need time and dexterity to become good and to win a tournament. Of course, the main difference is that poker and casino games are usually played for real money. Practice that we remember, it must be carried out in moderation and responsibly. 

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