The Increasing Internet technology has brought people adjacent to each other and unlocked approaches for new research, inspection, and information. As we think that revealing kids to the digital and internet world is a good path to protect them from misuse of the internet, but it is not an advanced one. Assume that your child would be far from the misuse of the internet, but this is making your kid’s knowledge week. By Using the FamiSafe Parental Control App you can easily check their daily routine and safety.

 What Is a Kid Tracker App?

FamiSafe is a multiplatform parental control application operating on tablets and mobile devices. Mobile trackers can sway (control) a kid’s device through any mobile web browser and desktop. The main advantage of this app is that it cannot be simply uninstalled without the permission of parents who have managerial authorization on the child’s device.

It has indeed become difficult for parents to keep an eye on children’s online activities like what they are doing on the internet. Location Tracker applications can help you to keep control of your word activities, even when they are away from you in school or outside from home with friends.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Device?

Nowadays, it becomes more difficult to control child activities when they are using their mobile phones. Tracker apps can be used in iOS, Android, and Web that allows you to monitor your child’s activities, through their mobile phones, to your device.

location Tracker app helps you to safeguard your word from unnecessary and unsuitable content, from bad movies to illegal works and many more. You can also check their history and what they did the whole day on their mobile phone. You can also limit some restriction areas on this if the restriction path is crossed by your child so notification is sent to you on your mobile phone. So, this app is best for you to keep an eye on your kids.

Some Important Advantages of Parental Control App

App Controller

Apart from obstructing specific websites, you can also occlude some particular apps that are dangerous or you think will make your child’s lifeless. Away from this, you can also see a history of all the apps that they used.

History Recorder

Tracker free records some of the unsafe activities your child’s capture that you need to be careful of. This will help you to know how they spend their days.

Daily Activities of Phone

You do not have to examine your child’s phone daily to see what they did the whole day. You can easily put your eye on your kid without knowing them, using the FamiSafe Parental Control App on your device; you can easily see a history of your word activities, together with videos watched by them or games played.

Uninstalling of App

It is easy for your kids to install and uninstall the app after using them so that you won’t realize that they are using it or not. With the help of a family tracker, you can see what they install or uninstall. You can also check the history of what they did and watched in it. So, you can warn them to not do it.

Track Location

When you are busy somewhere and your child is playing or hanging out with friends, by using Mobile Tracker you can check their location whether your kid is safe or not. Sometimes they meet with strangers and it can be dangerous for them. You can make an idea through this application that your kid is safe or not.

See Location Area History

You can also check the location history of where your child went without knowing you. When you are not with them where they went and what they did. You can also mark some area zones which are not good for your word, if they reach that area a notification comes to your device and you can stop when they are going there.

Pricing of FamiSafe App

Annual Plan for free tracking app is $59.99/ year which is the best option to protect your child from strangers and wrong activities. The monthly plan for tracking my phone app is $4.99. Protect up to 30 devices with all features.

The monthly Plan is $9.99 per month protects up to 5 devices with all features.

The quarterly plan is $19.99 / quarterly, the same as $6.66 per month. Protect up to 10 devices with all features.






FamiSafe Parental Control App is widely used all over the world. It is the best protection app for your child. It is used by worldwide people to make an eye on a child’s daily activities. It is very useful and easy to use with some advanced features. You can also check history from it when you get time. All the necessary applications help you to protect your kid.


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