To be honest, on-demand apps make our day complete by providing us with various other services at our doorsteps. After the advent of Super apps, it has replaced all the existing and storage-consuming apps in mobile phones. This not only saves the storage of our smartphones but also helps us find all services under one roof. The revolution of Super apps emerged in the Asian market. Followed by that, it spurred discussions in the western countries. After much deliberation, they are ready to welcome their finest Super app in the market.

As the saying goes, “ He who leads, becomes a leader,” you can utilize this opportunity and emerge as the market leader in no time. This blog will be your powerhouse for transmitting every piece of information about launching a Super app.

How are Super apps considerably performing in the market?

The concept of Super apps is to invite all the users to a single platform to avail multitude of services. These apps will list all the top on-demand services that are much needed by people on a demand basis. By providing a plethora of services in one single app, they invite users from various sources to get their services. Moreover, people have bid adieu to a bunch of apps that were occupying most of their mobile storage.

The arrival of Super apps in the Asian market had made a massive impact. They eventually lifted up every possible industry ranging from taxi booking, food delivery, grocery services, home services market, etc. They play a huge role in the on-demand app market. Have a deep look into the players who are making histories worldwide.


When discussing Super apps, this is something that can never be missed out in the room of discussion. They initially started off their services for taxi-hailing. The massive success of the taxi-hailing business made them experiment with various other services like FinTech services, food delivery, and grocery delivery.


Initially launched as GrabTaxi, the company focused on becoming a perfect alternative to Uber in the Asian market. They went on to introduce payment for their customers through QR code scanning. They improvised their business model to various extents with services like food delivery, courier services, and grocery delivery. They have a large user base in Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, India, etc.


This Chinese app originated as a messenger app in its earlier stages. They are known for introducing the mini-program concept for the public, where individual businesses can create their apps under this for people to use. However, the app will let users to taxis, order food delivery, schedule grocery supply, handle transactions, etc. WeChat and Alipay are dominating the Chinese market, and people are extremely convenient with using these apps to carry out all their bill payments and cash transactions.

What are the perks of launching a Super app?

The Super app has disrupted the on-demand app market quite rigorously in recent years. Moreover, they have become a fancy word, and owning them was a mere pride for people. They used these apps to avail almost all the major services. Here are some of the characteristics of a Super app,

  • A convenient way of booking services

This is the era of smartphones where people have become quite addicted to them. As a coin with both sides, these apps bring us a lot of benefits. One among the benefits is the on-demand services. Instead of stepping out of our doorsteps, we could easily get all our needs fulfilled at our fingertips with just a few taps. Whatever the demand is, you can sit back on your couch, relax and make it done using your smartphone.

  • Why use multiple apps when you can buy and pay using the same app!

FinTech or mobile wallets are becoming a prominent option among users to pay their bills and payments. People are no longer interested in cash transactions as they have got used to cashless transactions. In this scenario, super apps introduced their mobile wallet services to users. Apart from using them to pay for that particular app, they also allow people to use them anywhere. This increases the visibility of their app.

  • Partnering with various service providers to expand their online presence

Business expansion does not happen overnight, whereas you put a lot of effort into strengthening your partnerships. While keeping on including the on-demand services into the app, they earn different service providers. Imagine a platform where drivers, restaurants, and grocery stores are present to carry out their operations. This is the real success of a Super app.

Effective strategies to follow for launching a Gojek clone

The Gojek clone is a perfect alternative for developing a Super app deliberately. Adopting this identical script will result in refraining from the old features and functionalities of the standard app.

  • Understand the pulse of the customers

When developing your Super app, remember that your end-customers are those to get extraordinary benefits from your app. So the functionalities of the app should concern customer usage. Analyze the on-demand services that are highly preferred by people and then adopt them in your app. Offering more than one service is not an easy task! Go with the user preference and demand while including the functionalities.

  • Analyze the market demand and trends

Super apps have found a strong base in Asia, which is a well-known fact. European countries are boosting up to launch their multi-purpose app. This is the current scenario of the Super app market. You have to analyze the scope of the market and the chance of success. Through this, you will also be able to know your competitors and their performance in the market.

Now, decide on the areas where you want to launch your app. Initially, you can start by launching an app in a small region and expanding them globally. This will boost you to a great start in the business world.

  • Opt for a ready-to-launch Gojek clone

Developing an app is way too complex and time-consuming. Initially, it all starts with finding the right app developers and sharing your ideas with them. They will proceed with the development process, which will take around 6 to 7 months to complete. Followed by that, it has to be tested to prove bug-free. Hence, this will delay your launch in the market.

There is a perfect alternative for the same. Gojek Clone is a pre-developed solution, retaining all the features from the original app. This will help you reach the market in a much lesser span of time. Moreover, this will be a wise decision you could ever make for launching your Super app in the market.

What is the cost to launch a Super app in the market?

Building an app is quite a challenging task that too developing a Super app has its own pros and cons. But generally speaking, the cost of an app is determined by various factors. These factors impact the overall price of the app development. Various factors that impact the app development cost are app platform, app design, advanced features, customization as per your requirement, and the number of hours spent by the developers in developing each aspect of the app.

Along with this, if you wish to have additional technical support like API integration and bug fixing, it reflects on the cost.

Wrapping up,

Waking up to these on-demand apps has become the norm of today. Understanding its demand and scope, this could be the right time to make a prosperous entry into the market. By incorporating all the major features and services, you can attract a large number of masses to your app. Focus on finding your companion to develop a ravishing Super app.

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