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A health insurance plan helps you protect yourself and your dear and near ones from any uncertainties that arise due to a medical emergency. An approach to a reliable insurance provider for an intelligent health insurance plan can save your hard-earned money and valuable assets when a medical emergency comes to confront.

We have a well-known saying that health is wealth. Changes in lifestyle habits, rise in pollution levels, and several other factors severely impact an individual’s health. It may cause various health irregularities and medical diseases. I’m this article, we will read about the advantages and processes for choosing a health insurance plan.

Medical expenses associated with the treatment of health diseases are rising rapidly. To protect your savings against higher medical bills, it is essential to finance a health insurance plan. Such plans provide coverage in all hospitalization expenses, along with pre and post-hospitalization charges.

When we try to decide on health plans around as, focus on five mentioned advantages of a medical policy, like Affordable Health Insurance South Carolina assessed by an individual; These are-

  1. Coverage of medical expenses

The main motive of health insurance is to get the best medical treatment avoiding any strain on your finances. Health insurance plans protect high medical costs. It covers hospitalization expenses, daycare procedures, domiciliary costs, and ambulance bills, among many others. We may, therefore, focus on our speedy recovery without worrying about such high expenses.

2. Coverage of critical illness

Nowadays, Insurance providers offer benefits in critical illness insurance, which can be a standalone plan or a rider. This insurance policy helps to get coverage against life-risking diseases, e.g., kidney failure, stroke, bone marrow transplant, loss of limbs, and others. Upon diagnosis of such critical diseases from the predetermined list of our health policy, we are ensured to receive a lump sum amount, which may use to cater to our illness-related treatment expenses, daily costs, or other financial obligations.

3. Cashless claim

Various insurance companies provide cashless claim facilities. With such an arrangement, we do not have to do any heavy–on–pocket payments. The hospitalization costs are settled between the insurer and the hospital. To avail of this facility, it is necessary to get admitted to any hospitals within the insurer’s network. A pre-authorization form is to be filled out, and the display of one’s health insurance card allows people get benefit from this service.

4. Additional Coverage above your employer Plan

Many organizations benefit their employees with a suitable insurance plan. Though, such policies are not tailor-made according to every individual needs. Besides, we may be left uninsured in case of a change in employment or loss of jobs. To protect ourselves against such circumstances, purchasing a health cover separately is vital.

5. Benefits of Taxes

Health Insurance plans offer tax benefits. Regular premiums paid towards our health insurance plans are entitled to tax deductions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The quantum of the deduction is as follows:

  • In case the individual draws a salary of Rs. 25,000 for himself and his family
  • When an individual or spouse is more than 60 years old, the allowed deduction is Rs 50,000
  • An additional is entitled to insurance of parents is available to the limit of Rs. 25,000 if the age is less than 60 years old and Rs 50,000 above 60 years
  • Super senior citizens (80 years or more) medical expenses up to Rs 50,000 are allowed.
  • A Tax deduction of Rs. 5000 is allowed under this section to pay health check-ups, either for an individual himself or his family dependents, including parents, spouse, and children., Which is included in the deduction mentioned above

Steps For Choosing Health Insurance Plans

Getting covered in the best health insurance is necessary to get treated with the best treatment in town. Below are the steps mentioned as guidance for choosing affordable health insurance South Carolina

Step 1– choose the marketplace for health insurance

Step 2 – types of health plan

Step 3– Check on the network hospitals

Step 4 – Calculate out of pocket costs

Step 5– Compare benefits of each plan


Following these benefits, a witty decision should be made to choose health insurance policies from several medical plans available around us. Based on one’s personal needs and requirements, we should select the best suitable plan and avoid missing out on the opportunity to enjoy all these facilities.

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