On the whole, laziness isn’t the best trait to have in the world. With that said, there can come times when you simply want to be as lazy as possible. This is especially true if you spend a long time working a full-time job as well as balancing other needs such as childcare. To help you deal with stress, it might make sense to have a lazy day in. Here are four tips that you need to know in order to make it a complete success.

Lay in Bed as Long as Possible

While sleep psychologists do recommend getting up at the same time every day no matter if you are on holiday or if it’s the weekend, sometimes it’s just plain nice to lie in as much as possible, especially if you have been getting up early for the rest of the week. The trick with this plan is to make sure that you tell your children not to wake you up and to make sure that you don’t set any alarms. Afterwards, simply enjoy the power of sleep and lying in bed without feeling any pressure to get up and do anything.

Order Food and Drink to the House

You may find that a large proportion of your time is spent walking or driving to the shop, preparing food and then cooking it for the entire family. To minimise this stress, why not consider ordering your groceries or takeaway to your house instead, allowing you to enjoy your day without having to even leave the house. The same goes for alcohol as well. For example, Beer Drive-Thru offer a great online beer shop that can have fresh beer delivered directly to your house!

Play Video Games

For a diverting time which requires little emotional or physical investment on your part, a great idea is to download and enjoy playing the latest video games. There are a whole host of great games that you can play, either by downloading them onto your games console or computer. If neither option works for you — for example, your computer has no battery space or you don’t own a games console — the second best option is to download a game onto your mobile phone instead. Try and find a game that isn’t too stressful or requires too much of your time, so you don’t feel like you are ironically working on playing the game instead.

Make No Plans at All

If you are working in a job that is leading to burnout through constantly requiring you to make decisions, then perhaps one of the best ways for you to relax is to simply make no plans whatsoever for this special day off.

If something comes your way that strikes your interest then you should feel free to embrace it, but the trick is not to go out of your way in order to make this happen. By leaving your day open you might be surprised with the types of adventures you find coming your way.

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