2022 is here, so it’s time to start up fresh with your lifestyle and fashion style as well. Fashion is a constant way to walk on but not the trends. 2021 gave us the many huge wholesale trendy jewelry trend that will surely we carry to this new year. Which includes glamorous gold plated earrings, colorful beads, stunning gold plated pendant necklace, and so on. It’s time to refresh your jewelry wardrobe and walk with the fresh jewelry trends. Take a look for more. 

Restore Your Jewelry Closet with These Wholesale Trendy Jewelry Picks 

1) Pearls are all-time fresh 

2021 has a fabulous scenario of pearls jewelry. So walking with a new year, pearl can be a great start-up to get some fresh vibes. Now, not just simple pearls are available, but you will get too many forms of rich-looking pearls. Like twisted pearls, large pearls for earrings, minimalist pearls, colorful pearls, and more. Not only that but also pearls have been used for the clothes dripping. Pearls are a timeless fashion accessory that’s worth investing in your wholesale trendy jewelry collection. 

2) Stylish Neck Jewelry

The pretty neck jewelry plays a big part to glam up your look. Although, neck jewelry is the center of your outlook. So be playful with your neck jewelry. Go with some eye-catchy neck jewelry pieces with fashionable wear like the chunky charm necklace, bold chokers, layered chains, or gold plated pendant necklace. 

Well, you can also go for styling a gold plated pendant necklace or chain necklace with casuals and formals. Or the mix and matchy necklaces are also refreshed to go along with the new year. 

gold plated pendant necklace

3) Go Colorful with Beads 

And the beads are here to go colorful in 2022. From teenagers to adults, beads are everyone’s favorite jewelry to have. And if you think beads are only for teenagers, Nah that’s not the truth. Different types of beads are available that will easily catch up with your wholesale trendy jewelry collection. For example, crystal beads, acrylic beads, sugar beads, metal beads, pearls, and a lot more are available to experiment with your beads jewelry.  

Beads are not limited to bracelets but now beads jewelry is available with a wide range of products. Like beads earrings, beads necklaces, bracelets, anklets, hair clips, and much more. 

4) Gold Plated Earrings for the Stunning Look 

After the neck jewelry, the bright earrings can also attract attention at parties and events. So earrings can compliment your whole look even with not soo fancy dress. After the bracelets, we are often using the earring accessory. The gold plated jewelry has a large fanbase in the wholesale trendy jewelry collection. Then let’s go with bold or minimalist gold plated earrings that you will love this season. 

5) Gemstone Rings 

The bright and bold gemstones are also a fresh start-up for the new year. You can go for styling red, green, or yellow gemstone rings with your fashion and party wear. The small gemstones are great to carry, but the large gemstones will definitely give you the delicate jewelry experience. The gems are not limited to rings, but you can go for styling the gemstone earrings for the night party. Or the chunky gemstone necklace will give you the royal experience on your special occasion. 

If you don’t wish to go with colorful gemstones, then try out precious diamond jewelry. Because, Diamonds are girls’ best friends! Am I right? Hence no trends can fade the diamond jewelry. It always feels special about diamonds, so girls get the diamond that gonna rule your all jewelry wardrobe.  

6) Body Chains for Classy Baby 

Body chains are also here to try out in the new year. You can show up body chain with poolside parties or the hot dress that you want to wear at night parties. Body chains can be bold or minimalist. You can choose your preference for styling body jewelry. With body chains, the rising demand for arm bands has been noticed in the jewelry trend as well. This type of body jewelry will be a better fashion statement for the classy baby. 

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 7) Big and Bold Studs 

Minimalist earrings are fine to go, but big is bold. Nothing can be compared with statement jewelry pieces. It’s like trying something different out of the way. Stud earrings can compete with the greatest hoop earrings trend. Hoops and studs earrings are both perfect wholesale trendy jewelry for this new year. Experience new things by using statement gold plated earrings or gemstone earrings. With statement jewelry, you can choose the focal point of your well-dressed-up style.  

8) Charms are Best to Go 

Here is the most loved fashion jewelry of 2021. The chunky charms will not be leaving the trend. The most popular charm bracelets are still rocking the current trend. So if you missed the charm jewelry in the past year, not to worry, you can show up your style with the charm jewelry this 2022. You can add charms into your bracelets, earrings, gold plated pendant necklace, anklets, and so on pieces. 

So it’s all for now. In 2022 the zodiac jewelry is also showing up in the jewelry trends. Zodiac jewel is good to go for fresh start-ups. Most people love to go with zodiac pendants. So you can carry up the zodiac necklace or zodiac bracelet this year. Trends are not limited, so we will see more jewelry trends by 2022. 


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