After the golden era of the ’20s, let’s make your 30’s more colorful and cheery. Well, you may have tried some of the trending jewelry pieces like cocktail rings, dangler earrings, boho jewelry, and more. There are many jewelry pieces available that are timeless for the ’30s. That includes Wholesale Bangle Bracelets, pearls, Gold Plated Pendant Necklace, beads anklets, and more. Let’s create a pretty cool Wholesale Jewelry collection for your 30’s.    

The Best of Timeless Jewelry Pieces for Your 30’s

1) Gold Plated Pendant Necklace: 

Glam up your 30’s with a piece of Gold Plated Pendant Necklace. Pendant necklaces are also simple and elegant jewelry that elevate your overall personality. You can go for different pendant styles. And if you want to go for layering, then you can also layer a  pendant necklace with gold chains and some other gold necklaces. Pendant necklaces are well suited for formal and casual wear. 

2) The Long Chain Necklace:  

Try something simple and classic for your 30’s. The long chains are perfect to look elegant without giving much effort. The chain necklaces will beautifully adorn your neck and personality. You can easily wear long chains with every outfit, and the long chains are also acceptable for casual and party wear. There are various options available for long chains. For long chains, go with the silver material.  

3) Pearl Chokers:  

The best of pearl jewelry. Pearls are vintage jewelry but still at the top of the jewelry trend. Pearl chokers are evergreen jewelry pieces. Not only for the ’30s but, every age of women’s pearl works the best. Pearl symbolizes your best fashion status and royalty. Try pearl chokers this time, and if you don’t like to use chokers, then you can go for a simple pearl necklace. Pearl chokers are perfect for weddings, parties, different occasions, and fashion shows. 

4) Statement Earrings: 

Now let’s rock the 30’s with statement jewelry. Statement jewelry is best on its way. Statement jewelry is about something different and bold. Well, we have more options for necklaces, but what about earrings? Not to worry, you have statement earrings to brighten your 30’s. Try the statement earrings to make a bold look for yourself. You might be wondering where will you get some best options for statement earrings? It is simple nowadays to find something unique and bold. With the online jewelry store, you will get your desired jewelry piece. Or else you can shop with Wholesale Jewelry suppliers. 

5) Pair of Hoops: 

Your overall jewelry collection is incomplete without hoops. Right? Just like the pearls, pair of hoops are also suitable for every age of the woman. Hoop earrings are come up with varieties like gold hoops, silver hoops, pearl hoops, diamond hoops, pair or small hoops, and large hoops. You can use hoop earrings with your preferred sizes and material. The best thing is hoop earrings are suitable for every business event as well. So, you can go with a pair of hoops for office wear. Style a Gold Plated Pendant Necklace with gold hoop earrings.  


6) Boho Bracelets: 

Boho jewelry always gives you a different look from your usual style. Boho jewelry is trending from many times. So let’s try boho bracelets for a unique experience. Generally, boho jewelry is suitable for casual hangouts, parties, pool parties, and for trips. Boho bracelets are not much suitable for formal wear, so try to avoid them during office hours. You can style boho bracelets with fancy, ethnic, and casual wear. And if you love mismatching jewelry, then boho bracelets are the best match. You can pair boho bracelets with charm bracelets, Wholesale Bangle Bracelets, beads bracelets, and more. 

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7) Bangle Bracelets: 

What is the best jewelry piece for business women? Nothing is better than Wholesale Bangle Bracelets. For office wear, we always want to try something simple but attractive. Bangle bracelet works best with formal and casual wear. A simple and elegant jewelry piece that will adorn your beautiful hands. Try to avoid long sleeves with bangle bracelets, let people explore your classic bangle bracelet. There are also various patterns and materials available for Wholesale Bangle Bracelets. Like gold, silver, rose gold, and three-tone materials.  

8) Gemstone Rings: 

Gemstone jewelry is also perfect jewelry for your ideal 30’s. In the ’20s, you mostly tried every bold and sophisticated jewelry, right! It’s time for gemstones. Well, there is not a border to wear gemstones only in the ’30s. Gemstones are evergreen. Gemstone rings will work out best for your 30’s. So must try the gemstone rings at once. Gemstones are easily available in online stores and Wholesale Jewelry stores.   

What’s more for the ’30s? Definitely, it’s a piece of stylish watch. Watches are also great for formal and casual wear, same as Wholesale Bangle Bracelets. Moreover, you can carry your wedding ring or personalized jewelry on regular basis. Some jewelry pieces are timeless like, pearls and Gold Plated Pendant Necklace. For once must for this.

Explore all the jewelry trends. Do not limit yourself with less jewelry if it’s your 30’s or 60’s. Read the articles related to fashion trends with that you can learn more about fashion and jewelry trends. Go fashionable and glam up yourself with jewelry.  



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