You can have a quick track of the location of your kid and its device. You can even get the exact and reallocation of your child and you can also review the history location of your child including the map that he or she followed. can even get the notifications when and where your kid has Gone out of reach of you. With the help of the location tracker by the famisafe parental control app. You need not worry about your child and yeah round their location without asking them where are they.

You can now easily get about your kids when they go out alone without knowing you. You can easily get about the location when your kids get lost or went to some unfamiliar places. You also need not worry about the unfriendly strangers that they meet and they cannot take them to dangerous places as expected. You can even get the knowledge of your kid when they leave to the school private sleep and you can also get the knowledge about the children of yours whether they have skipped classes over where are they immediately.

Getting knowledge about the real-time location of your kid.

You can easily grasp the current location of your kid by inbuild location tracker and stop calling your kid where are they all the time. You can even get to know about the real-time location of your child whether you are with them or not. You can know the exact location of your kid. You can even know where are your kid at the instant of time and you can have all the knowledge about your kid during school and whether they are at home as required.

If you know the real-time location of your kid then you can easily know whether your kid is in a strange place or at an unsafe place and you can protect them from any consequences further.

Getting knowledge about the current location and history

You can view the current location of your child and can you get the location history and their timetable which they have followed the whole day. You can even know the past routine of your child and you never now have to yell about the location of your child. You can know the recent activity area of your kid by using the GPS tracker on your kid’s device. You can even know where they were at a certain moment and you can know about the places your child often goes.

Awards won by famisafe location tracker control app

The location control app has been a part of many award-winning ceremonies and is the most reliable interest by the parents. This app has won the national parenting center award ACL of approval and national parenting product award considered location tracker app is the winner. Mom’s choice award has given the honouring Excellence Award to this app in 2020.

Best features of famisafe location control app

1. You can easily get the knowledge about the real-time location of your kid and you can ensure the safety of your kids by tracking them and their location.

2. The location history of your child can even be known by using the features of this application and you can even get the timeline of your child which they followed to move from one place to another.

3. You can set up Geofences for your child’s safety and you can even get the knowledge and notification when they cross the area which you have decided not to cross. You can create specific zones and get instant alerts when they are crossed by the kids.

4. Activity report of your kid can also be managed through this application.

Steps to know the location history of your child.

Step 1 Take your kid’s device and open the Google Maps on it.

Step 2 no click on the button situated on the top left and choose the timeline among the options.

Step 3 you can even check the daily or monthly location history as per your requirement by using this setting on the Google account.

Step 4 you can, however, check with help of the famisafe location tracker app, by clicking on a certain location of the day you went on the dashboard you can get the location history of the times the place has been visited and you can also be notified when your kids move out of the boundary.

The location tracker app helps you to determine the real-time location of the device and also the immediate location of the lost device. You can even find out the lost device by using the application. You can also realize cross-platform location tracking. This app is the most reliable and most trusted among all the apps available for getting the location history and live location.


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