Its Always a good idea to use cab for travelling to and from London Airports by Cab

To put it in simpler terms, London is a tourist magnet. Don’t believe us? That’s ok, let us bombard you with facts and figures. Around 39 million tourists visited London alone last year. There were over 300 million domestic and international day-trippers that visited the historic city. It is one of the most visited place in the world.  Tourism alone in United Kingdom contributes 106 billion to the British economy and supports over 3 million jobs with a monumental impact on UK economy.

Such extraordinary influx of tourist comes with its own set of challenges and unique solutions. Providing the seamless transportation to this tremendous number of visitors as well as 9 million locals is not an easy task and yet somehow the administration works wonders to provide a convenient transportation system that consist of trains, trams, buses, taxis and private hire that works like clockwork and every mode of transport works like a cog placed in a bigger machine.

Every medium of transport is important and has its own benefits but we are going to discuss that why using a cab for airports transfers in London is the best option for you.

An Introduction to Cab Services for Airport Transfers

While London has lots of transportation mediums but the most convenient and secure is the cab service. Train, buses and trams are impossible to let you keep the social distancing with the manner in which they operate. Cabs have emerged as the ultimate traveling solution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are types and configurations within the cabs that make them distinguish from each other. Let’s have a detailed look at them first.

Black Cab Taxi

This is the most popular type of taxi in London. The iconic black cab of London can be hailed anywhere on the street without breaking any regulation set by department of transport. Their drivers have to go through a series of incredibly detailed tests to attain the license. Acquiring permission to own a black cab is an expensive affair as well. It can hold up to 4 passengers depending on the circumstances.

Chauffeur Driven Private Hire

Relatively speaking, chauffeur cab service in London is one the most secure, comfortable and stylish option to rock at any destination. You can book them in advance and they can pick you up and drop you off anywhere. Their health and safety and cleanliness are always exemplary and you can rely on their service during the pandemic period.

Mini Cab Hire

These are private operators that have to be prebooked by phone or by an application and can not be hailed by the roadside. Truth to be told, those vehicles have terrible health and safety standards and hardly have any checks and balances. Their vehicles are bog standard and it can be tiring to travel in. Due to the lack of safety precautions, these vehicles offer very little in terms of safety.


Rise of online application cab services has strengthened its grip on the market and has become a major player. Checks and balances are even weaker than the mini cabs and health and safety is a major issue.  During the pandemic these services offer very little in terms of protection.

Benefits of the Cab Services for Airport Transfers

When we compare the public transport, no other way of transportation provides such safety, security and freedom as private cabs. Let’s have a detailed look at their benefits over the other ways of transportation.

Freedom to Leave at Your Own Terms

Any other medium of transportation is tied with schedule but when it comes to the cabs you have the freedom to leave at your own terms. What ever the time you would like to get the transfer towards the airport, or if the flight is landing at an odd time, you can avail the services without thinking twice about the availability.

Got Family with You? We Got You Covered

Nothing can be more convenient than a cab when you are accompanying family or small children with you. You get picked up where ever you are and can be dropped where ever you want. Other transport only takes you from stop to stop but cabs can take you all over London. It does not matter if the weather is good or bad, you can rely on the cab service.

Stress Free Service

Unlike the other services, you do not have to seek out the schedules, routes, and timings and can just order the cab by the click of the mouse or dialling the number. You get picked up and drop off at your desired location and can stay stress free once you are in there.

Ease of Availability

You can hail the cab on the road any time any where which saves you from going towards the specific stations or stops or you can just call the cab at your place of residence and dodge the bad weather. 

No Extra Charge for Luggage

You do not have to worry about the luggage as where to put the luggage or if I am going to be charged for the luggage. If you take the luxury vehicle service, they would even sanitize your luggage as well. 

Guaranteed Safety

You can count on this service for safety in every aspect. Whether it is health and safety or social safety, you are always stress free when you are in a cab. Drivers are extremely professional and are safe to travel with and you do not have to share the vehicle with any stranger.

Professional and Friendly Customer Care

We usually take the customer care for granted and never pay the attention it deserves. Cab companies offer professional and friendly customer care and you can avail many comforting sub services from there such as sanitization of your luggage, temperature of the driver before the pick you up, request to sanitize the vehicle beforehand, etc.

Precautions During Covid 19

Covid-19 has changed the way the world works and it is strictly advisable to travel only when it is absolutely necessary. We recommend the following precautions before you commit to travel in any of the above-mentioned transportation medium.

  • Frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Wear mask and disposable gloves as much as possible as this is one sure way to keep the virus away.
  • Keep social distancing at all times.
  • Try not to touch any common points such as door handles and railings and windows. 
  • Keep a bottle of sanitizer with you all the time and use it frequently.
  • Keep the ventilation points open and place yourself nearest to the ventilation points.

Since this pandemic is evolving on permanent basis so it is better to keep abreast with the latest developments and develop with the precautions accordingly.


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