Reasons: Why Your Sales Business Needs Employee Location Tracking App


If you are in a sales business, you will understand the amount of fieldwork it involves. Keeping a continuous eye on your mobile team is a tedious task that your company has to undergo. This is the reason why employee location tracking apps has become a common practice in almost all types of sales business enterprises. 

Both owners and employees have now understood the significance and benefits of using an employee location GPS tracking app. As a result, numerous employee location tracking apps are being developed that not only enhances productivity but also helps reduce labour costs.   

In this article, we will look into 5 primary benefits of the employee tracking app that has revolutionized the way managers are monitoring their field staff. 

Employee Location GPS Tracking App

  • Recording the Attendance of Absent Employees:

Field workers are never found in the office premises. They are always roaming at various sites like factory floors, hospital wards, driving trucks, agricultural fields, client premises and so on. It is extremely difficult to reach them when they are not sitting at their desk. But recording the attendance of your employees is essential. 

This is where the location GPS tracking app helps. Even remote employees have mobile devices. Installing this app will automatically geofence your office and client premises and send immediate notification the moment your staff enters or exits the sites. 

  • Improve Productivity on the Field:

Employees are always busy and when it comes to remote staff they are assigned with tasks to complete in a stipulated time frame. Continuous work messages or calls can make them frustrated and eventually distracted from doing their tasks efficiently. Employee location tracking application monitors their location in real time and alerts when they start or finish their assigned jobs. 

Moreover, these employee global team management apps give easy collaboration facilities to cooperate with other on-site and off-site staff which enhances work dynamics and streamlines productivity.   

  • Analysing Employee Efficiency:

The employee location GPS tracking app is built with many helpful features for both the owner and employee. Tracking the competence of a remote staff is essential for the employee’s growth and also development of the company. 

The employee work tracking app sends a summarized report of the time when your staff enters and exits the client premises, the time they spent with the client, the percentage of sales they make and a comparative study of the time spent to convince the client versus the amount of sales.

All these data can be utilized by the owner to differentiate among employees who deserve a promotion and the one who needs to learn their skills.  

  • Real-Time Location Tracking:  

The employee location GPS tracking app works in real time scenarios. Not only tracking your remote staff, but in cases when the mobile is lost or stolen, the software can be used to trace the location of the mobile.

Even when the mobile switches off due to discharged battery, the app would send the last time and location of the phone to the master mobile, which is a great advantage on the field. 

However, one thing to remember is that all the mobiles should have an active internet connection enabled to work.


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