Before the boom in popularity of vaping in the company of teenagers, there have been articles claiming that this generation had the lowest percentage of teenagers with a nicotine addiction. How sadly ironic is that. Vaping became a very sought-after activity among teens and just like that, the nicotine addiction along with other unfortunate events skyrocketed due to vaping. One of the most popular brands of e-cigarettes in the world of teenagers is Juul. This brand of e-cigarette looks almost exactly like a USB stick, so it is incredibly easy to deceive teachers and parents when they have it in plain sight.

What is Juul exactly?

Juul is an American e-cigarette company. It has become so popular that the name Juul has been synonymous with e-cigarettes, even if the device isn’t actually from the company. The Juul e-cigarette itself is reusable for a time being but the pods they use to store the nicotine salts to vaporize are not. After using the pods of nicotine salts, which by the way is the natural state of nicotine when found in tobacco leaves, the pods must be thrown away and replaced with new ones.

The problem with Juul

Unlike many other e-cigarette brands and e-smoking websites, such as Mr Joy, Juul seems to allegedly market to young people. They use words such as “Easy to hide”, “Under the radar”, and “Discreet vapor”, giving kids the idea that they can get away with using it without the adults knowing. The reason people, more specifically parents, believe this is targeted at their teens is because why would an adult need to be discreet about their e-cigarette or have to hide it?

Another cause for concern with the marketing Juul does was their 2015 vaporized campaign. This campaign was filled with beautiful and young models posing with their Juuls in front of a colorful backdrop. This campaign was taken very badly by parents of teens who believed this is the kind of tactic that will entice teens and even younger kids. Juul has even partnered with celebrities that had a very young audience.

Teens Vs Juul

It’s most definitely not the fault of teenagers for being intrigued and trying out Juuls, any young person would feel curious to try. With ad campaigns all over the internet and tv showing cool young people who most teens would like to look or be like, using Juuls that have appealing flavors such as mango and strawberries, it’s no wonder many teens around the world wanted a Juul. Especially since Juul also made a big point in their marketing by stating that vaping is less harmful than smoking, impressionable kids and teens will trust that.

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