When you hire a rubbish skip, it’s usually for your own convenience, as most of us don’t have the time or space to take it for disposal ourselves.

But what really happens when the skip leaves your property? Where does the waste end up?

Fly tipping

Some skip companies have been known to take rubbish straight to a landfill site. This is known as fly tipping. This practise is unlawful, and the consequence could be hefty fines. Even though you haven’t done the tipping yourself, the waste can be traced back to you, so you’ll be held responsible.

To avoid this, it’s better to look for reputable companies like North Wales skip hire, ensure you check reviews and do plenty of research into the company you choose.

Transfer stations

When working with a waste disposal company, one option is to take your waste to a transfer station before going to its final destination. From here, it’ll be separated and recycled, taken to an incineration plant, or delivered to a hazardous waste facility so as not to cause danger to the public.

If waste ends up in a landfill, it can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Using a skip company that sends waste to a transfer station gives specialists the opportunity to separate out the waste and dispose of it correctly.

Larger items are first removed from the pile. Smaller items are either separated manually with staff handpicking each item or through specialist machinery that uses magnets to separate different metals. By taking time to sift through the materials, much more can be salvaged. These materials will either be sold or re-used by the facility.

What gets recycled?

You’ll be happy to know that quite a lot of the rubbish collected by skip companies actually gets re-used. What might not be worth anything to you can often have value for someone else or to businesses.

Garden waste such as leaves, cuttings, and grass can all be recycled to create compost on a commercial scale. This will then be used for gardening and large landscaping projects.

If you’ve disposed of leftover or crumbling bricks, these might be recovered and used again or crushed to become a base material for new construction projects. The same can be done with glass and concrete.

You probably already know that scrap metal is in high demand and will likely be transported to the manufacturing giants across the globe like China, Brazil and India.

Although there are better ways to dispose of old electrical devices, you can guarantee these will likely get recycled and refurbished if possible if you do end up throwing them in the skip.

Once everything has been organised and categorised, haulage operators will then collect the things you considered ‘trash’, to turn them into treasure for someone else.

So, this article might’ve given you a little more confidence in the benefits of hiring a skip for your next renovation. It’s not just convenient but also eco-friendly when you choose a company that promotes ethical waste disposal.

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