Sandalwood Essential Oil

Benefits for Skin and Hair Sandalwood is known for its classic fragrance. It is one of the priciest woods in the world. Sandalwood oil is extracted from the wood and roots of the tree originally found in southern India and Southeast Asian countries.

sandalwood essential oil

Pure sandalwood essential oil: is being used in aromatherapies for centuries for combating stress and anxiety. The oil is also utilized in preparing perfumes, incense sticks, cosmetics, room fresheners, etc. Continue reading to get to know the benefits of this oil beyond aromatherapy.

Provides Lighter Skin Complexion

Sandalwood oil contains several elements such as limonene that eradicates dark spots and lightens the overall skin complexion. It controls hyperpigmentation and prevents melanin accumulation on the skin. Hence, regular use of this oil on the face provides a bright and glowing skin.

Clears Acne and Pimples

The antimicrobial properties in this oil eliminate the build-up germs and bacteria in the skin. It purifies the skin clearing the oil clogs and impurities without making the skin very dry. The oil also helps to maintain proper oil balance on the skin. It improves the texture of the skin removing pimples and acne.

Mild Astringent

Sandalwood essential oil has astringent properties capable of causing contraction of the facial skin tissues. If you are looking to skip the regular commercially manufactured skin toners and skin tightening serums, adding this oil to your face packs or moisturizing lotion can give effective results.

Improves Sleep Quality

Sandalwood oil has a calming agent that provides relaxation to the brain. This oil works as a natural sedative when applied with other carrier oil on scalp soothing the nervous system for a peaceful sleep. A person suffering from insomnia may benefit from regular sandalwood oil massage on the scalp.

Removes Signs of Aging

Sandalwood oil contains phytonutrients that combat free radicals and skin damages. It repairs the skin cell damages caused due to aging. It reduces the fine lines providing a youthful skin.

Can Be Used as After-Shave Lotion

Shaving makes skin dry and poky. Sandalwood essential oil makes the hard male skin smooth when it is used after shaving. Take a few drops of sandalwood oil and blend it with other carrier oil. The cooling agent of this oil soothes the skin making it soft and silky.

Reduces Dandruff Problems from Oily Itchy Scalp

Do you have an oily, flaky, and itchy scalp?

Dandruff can occur on the oily hair and scalp due to some fungal infections. Sandalwood oil has antimicrobial and cleansing properties that effectively clean the scalp and hair while bestowing effective relief against fungal growth on the hair and scalp.

Dilute a few drops of sandalwood oil in any carrier hair oil. Massage the hair and scalp with this oil. Allow 30 minutes for absorption into the scalp and hair cuticles for best results before washing the hair with shampoo. Add a few drops of this oil to your regular shampoo to get rid of bad odor due to scalp infections.

There are several ways you can use sandalwood oil for skincare at home. However, when buying online sandalwood essential oil, it is important to watch out for the certification of the manufacturer and rapport in the health and wellness industry.


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