Wedding is a huge milestone in the story of any couple. The day has an awe-inspiring beauty in its aura. Every little detail associated with the big day has a sentimental value and a profound influence over the foundation of a relationship. One of the most focused and appreciated parts of this big day narrows down to photography. Wedding photographs are a big deal for every person associated with the event. Many couples choose to put their pictures on blogs to make them easily accessible. When you take your wedding photography blog from HTML to WordPress Theme, you will find yourself amongst a variety of themes for various professional and personal utilities. To the merit of WordPress’s genre inclusive approach, the platform offers many beautiful and elegant wedding photography themes too!

These are some of the most popular wedding in vegas photography themes, as recommended by the top WordPress developers:


‘Milea’ is very efficient and aesthetically pleasing as a portfolio display theme. The theme boots with a slide show of your best picks on the top banner. As you scroll down, you find additional menus which give you a place to display other professional details like previous clients, current rate card, prospective locations etc. A theme as efficient as ‘Milea’ can help you a lot with your wedding photography business. It makes your work accessible and presentable. It is considerably user-friendly and puts business information on the display with poise.


Kristen is an exciting mix of convention and innovation in a single package. You will find white text boxes and full scape pictures alternating on your screen as you navigate through the website. It is a new type of display and will intrigue your prospective clients. You will have ample opportunity to post your work and also write descriptive summaries about it, with ease and efficiency. This theme is for those photographers who have a knack for concepts. They can easily use the website to explain the thought behind a particular picture.


A theme very similar to design with ‘Milea’, ‘Inspiro’ lies on the minimalistic yet elegant side of the spectrum. It lets you put your best pictures on the slide show and also provides you with the business menus like the former. At the same time, it is way more simplistic and interactive. The interface has many useful and working part, which makes it easier to put helpful information on an immediate display. The theme is beneficial for growing wedding photography businesses and a common choice.


Another similar theme in the league of ‘Milea’ and ‘Inspiro’. Fargo has a very fluid interface, and the pictures glide across your screen as you navigate using the arrows. What adds more perks to the charm of this theme is the interesting segment construct at play! You will find each window to be divided into rectangles and squares, each displaying a different picture. This helps your portfolio unfold in an awe-inspiring way. The theme is perfect to put photography work at the display since the viewer can see a lot of pictures at the same time.


Vivagh is a hybrid between minimalism and fluidity. The pictures glide over clean and organised spaces as you move our cursor across the screen. Also, you have the advantage of a very straightforward business menu first thing in the banner. Which means that your client is introduced to a ‘call to action’ as soon they tune into your website. This is, indeed, a very effective tactic to fetch more purchases from the visitors.


A beautiful mashup of elegance and style, PH has a real-time artistic aesthetic to its design. Developers did a great job in constructing the working interface and have served us with a diligently detailed model. You get the luxury of displaying full scape pictures and keeping the rest of them in organised thumbnails on the white space underneath.


Our list has many themes which provide you with a fluid interface. It is essential to develop an understanding that every client may not be very appreciative of this liquidity. For some people, less is more. When targeting the minimalistic segment of the potential client base, you need to have a theme which goes well with the ‘lesser’ aesthetic. BeTheme is the perfect option to settle for in this case. It has multipurpose style and provides with a clean and organised place to put your work at the display.

Remember, when you upgrade your website from HTML to WordPress, deciding upon an ideal theme is going to be a very tedious task. A lot depends on your theme. Aspects like the ease of navigation, screen accommodation, speed etc. rely on them you pick. Make sure that you measure all the odds before settling for a theme.

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