With the growing popularity of fashion accessories, custom jewelry is everywhere in jewelry trends. By now, you can get most of the jewelry products with custom designs. Engraved jewelry stands for meaningful accessories, so it is timeless jewelry to have. Engraved custom name necklace stands out as the most stylish fashion jewelry in men’s and women’s fashion. 

You will get different types of engraved custom name necklace from fashion or customized jewelry stores. Well, name necklaces are pretty cool to wear, but the thing is how to style a piece of name necklace? Let’s take a look. 

Guide on Styling Engraved Custom Name Necklace Piece

  • Add Up Layers

Adding layers is never out dates. Go, girl, layer up your name necklace with chains. There are multiple chain types available to layer with necklaces. But try to consider the metals for layers. Like if your custom jewelry piece is gold metallic and pair it with gold chains and, as well with pendant necklaces. 

The same goes for silver and other metals. But there is no necessity to go only with the same metal tones mix and match are also hot in trend. The thing is that layering necklaces with the same metal tones give many effects, or else, jewelry has no rules. 

  • Consider the Clothing

What to consider for clothing? It’s the color shades that affect the fashion accessories. Gold is more suitable with dark tones like black and blue ones. For silver, you can choose light dresses like pink and more. Rose gold is likely to be suitable with dark and light color tones. For diamonds? No need to look for colors. Diamonds go with everything. Such as the red gown with a diamond necklace and white wedding dress with diamond earrings. Yes, it goes well. 

One more thing to consider is your dress’s neckline. Like you can style the medium-length engraved custom name necklace with a round neck or off-shoulder. You can view the neckline chart for wearing different-length necklaces.  

  • Add Some Gemstones

It’s the turn for gemstones. Gemstones are also timeless jewelry to invest in. With a name necklace, you can layer up the colorful gemstone pendant. That combination looks eye-catchy, so surely try it. If you wish to layer up more necklaces, then you can add simple chains with gemstones. For more, you can also style up the name necklace with birthstones.  

  • Pair with Other Custom Jewelry Pieces 

It is also an effective way to pair your name necklace with other custom jewelry pieces. You can go for pairing custom name bracelets with engraved custom name necklace pieces. Or you can as well style up your name necklace with tiny little initial pendants & custom-made disc necklaces. 

  • Go for Multiple Bars 

You can add up the multiple bars or nameplate pendants in a single necklace. In multiple bars, you can engrave your family members’ names, friends’ names, or your BAE’s name. But make sure to add bars and nameplates casually otherwise, it will look overloaded. So with multiple bars, it makes a perfect family necklace, you can surely gift this piece to your mom and dad as a memory. 

  • Combine with Charms 

And nothing fits more than tiny little charms. Charm jewelry is everywhere in jewelry trends, then let’s pair the hanging charm necklace with an engraved custom name necklace that defines your name perfectly. You can style up the different texture charms as well to layer with custom jewelry. You can do the same thing with custom name bracelets. Not only that, you can combine the charm bracelets with name bracelets. Must try out the charms. 

  • Mark the Special Moments

In the custom jewelry market, there are a lot of products available to mark something special. That special occasion stands for anything like engraving anniversary dates, birthdays, birth months, and, as well the picture. 

The photo necklaces are new trendy fashion accessories to add to your custom jewelry wardrobe. You can accomplice the engraved custom name necklace with birthstone necklaces or with date or year necklaces. It will easily show your personal touch to a jewelry piece. 

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  • Mix and Match with Metals 

Here we go for the hottest jewelry trend nowadays. Neck jewelry is the fashion accessory that people gonna notice at first. You can attract the attention of the crowd with some new neck jewelry styles. Pull out your jewelry box and pick up your most favorite necklace piece and? And style it up with your chic name necklace piece. 

The same works out with bracelets and earring accessories. You can mix and match different metals, patterns, and textures of jewelry. It’s fun to mix and match multiple pieces, and it stands out as some new styles of wearing neck jewelry pieces. 

  • Pair with Colorful Beads 

We are not going to forget the classic beads. Beads are back in fashion with a huge variety of styles. Try the colorful beads necklace with a piece of an engraved custom name necklace to look some more than ordinary. Beads can go with ethnic and fashion wear too. 

So, jewelry lovers, it’s all for the day. Go ahead and refresh your jewelry wardrobe with custom-made jewelry, and don’t forget to add a name necklace piece. 


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